Mobile application design: Types of mobile applications you often encounter part 1

Mobile application design: Types of mobile applications you often encounter part 1

Smartphones are no longer just for communication: today, they fulfill many needs and help us solve many different problems. Mobile applications allow us to play and work, perform many basic operations in seconds, calculate and edit, remind and connect us with others, etc. useful statistics about mobile marketing, in 2017 users spent an average of 69% of their media time on smartphones and this number is constantly growing. In 2018, there were reported about 8 million apps in the Google Play store. 2.2 million in the Apple App Store. Not only has the quantity increased, but so has the variety, and that is evident from the variety of design projects. So today let’s take a look at the most popular types of mobile apps, their functions and benefits.

There are two perspectives to classify mobile applications: in terms of content and in terms of technical realization. Let’s start with content.

Content point of view

Here we categorize applications according to the problems they solve and the functions these applications provide to the user.

Utility applications

This is the most basic and probably the most widely used type of mobile application. These applications allow the user to solve a specific problem or complete a task, which is usually a problem we face every day. Here you will find a wide range of applications such as calculators, clock and alarm applications, flashlights, barcode scanners, tools to convert and manage passwords, screen locks, etc. little helper in our daily life.


Lifestyle app

These apps are connected to many different areas of our activities related to lifestyle and quality of life. Usually, they cover fairly general themes and services. These apps help users to find and improve their home and office, hobbies, beauty, etc… If you are having apps for real estate, fashion, parenting or hobbies Like, it might as well fall into this category.

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Navigation app

These mobile apps help users find their way and plan their route. Those are driving and walking assistants, map apps and navigation apps and the like.

Food and Beverage App

These applications are related to food. Here you will find everything about dining, cooking, healthy food, eating out and the like. Diverse apps provide users with recipes and menus, nutritional information, reviews of meals, drinks, restaurants and cafes, guides to national cuisines different and all things like that fall under this category.

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Book app

These are apps for reading traditionally printed content. Here the content becomes interactive and provides different functions for user actions.

Educational apps

Mobile applications of this type are concerned with learning and teaching: the main goal behind them is to share knowledge in an interactive way. Here you will find apps of varying degrees of interactivity and complexity focused on educational purposes. They can target different target audiences to identify different approaches to user interface design for specific cases. In this group you will find things from basics like reading, writing, pronunciation, colors, alphabet, vocabulary training apps to specific narrow topics like nature and wildlife, geography and astronomy, languages, exam preparation apps, school portals and educational platforms.

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Entertainment apps

Entertainment apps often aim to add fun to our lives. These interactive applications are designed and developed to entertain users with audio, video, graphics and other content. Here are dramas and apps, ticketing apps, themes for creative arts and fun clubs etc.

Game app

One more group of apps that can serve both entertainment and education is games. Here you will get a wide selection ranging from very useful intellectual or educational games to titles that make you waste your time. Game apps are perhaps the most diverse in terms of visual style and layout design.

Design: Anastasia

Music app

For many users all over the world, music is an integral part of life, so the music app offers many great options to discover music, listen to music, record or even create music. music composition. It’s not just a music player and library, but also an app for creating music, education, watching videos and concerts, and even writing lyrics.

Design: Julia UI/UX

Business application

These mobile applications assist those involved in business activities: they help track and analyze data, provide functionality for collaboration, resource management, and planning. Here you’ll also find apps for recruiting and job hunting, remote desktops, file sharing apps, and teamwork tools.

Finance app

The apps of this group are about money. They actually perform financial transactions and assist users with corporate or personal financial instruments. So here are budgeting and financial management apps, mobile banking apps, apps for investments, insurance and stocks, taxes and bill reminders.

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