MMA Vietnam releases report on Mobile Ecosystem and Sizing

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released the first report on ‘Mobile Ecosystem and Ad-Sizing’ decoding the current state of the mobile industry in Vietnam in 2017-2018 and its similar trends. Hybrid will drive the economic growth with mobility playing a key role.

The goal of the report is to provide a comprehensive view of the mobile marketing ecosystem in Vietnam and what has been driving the industry’s growth in recent years and the rapid growth of users. mobile and smartphone, mobile internet, mobile application users, the development of mobile internet infrastructure with the introduction of 4G network services, the constant diversification of channels and solutions. Mobile marketing solutions, etc. This report is the result of the joint collaboration of the entire mobile industry, led by GroupM Vietnam and its partners Google, Facebook, Kantar Media, Gameloft and Zalo Group.

Source: Mobile Ecosystem and Ad-Sizing Report. Click on the image to enlarge.

Accordingly, the top 3 trends include:

  • The deep penetration of mobile and smartphone along with the increase in network usage in both urban and rural areas has sparked the staggering growth of mobile advertising in Vietnam (Estimated advertising value report was $ 77.1 million in 2017, double the same period in 2016 to reach only $ 38.5 million.) Mobile advertising costs are estimated to account for 50-60% of total digital advertising costs from major brands.
  • The strong increase in 3G / 4G coverage in Vietnam will increase mobile content consumption and, accordingly, will fuel growth for the diversification of mobile advertising solutions.
  • The increase in application usage and interaction (supported by the smartphone craze and mobile internet) will create a community that supports the mobile application economy in Vietnam. The amount of mobile application usage in Vietnam will continue to increase, especially when e-commerce is thriving along with the vibrant online payment market.

Through this report, the MMA panel strives to create the first and only research resource in Vietnam to help marketers, agencies, tech lovers and reporters gain insights and meaningful insights. more about the whole ecosystem that is writing the mobile story in Vietnam.

[Download Báo cáo ‘Mobile Ecosystem và Ad-Sizing’ tại đây]

Press Release
Source: Brands Vietnam


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