Miyako Yamazaki's book "Days on Morokai Island"

Miyako Yamazaki’s book “Days on Morokai Island”

An artist living on Molokai, Hawaii

A book by Miyako Yamazaki, also known as “Den-chan”

I finished reading “Daily Days on Morokai Island from Sandalwood Hill House”.

I remembered about 20 years ago when I met Den-chan.

It was before Den-chan got married.

Molokai has been known as Hawaiian Kahuna since ancient times.

Where there was a shaman’s school

Major capital resort development has not yet been done (at that time)

It’s a place where old-fashioned Hawaiian people’s lives remain,

I was told.

At that time, Den-chan started going to Molokai quite often,

Hearing from Den-chan about attractive people with mysterious abilities living in Molokai,

I wanted to visit someday.

When I first visited Molokai, my wish came true

One of Den-chan’s friends,

He introduced me to an old man named Jesse.

Long hair with no teeth and gray hair. He was a lovely grandfather like a hermit.

Let’s walk together in the forest, one of Molokai’s sanctuaries!

So Jesse guided me.

When he took me to the most holy place in the forest

“Because I wipe the conch shells I brought, I hope everyone has their eyes closed,” said Jesse.

Everyone sat in a circle and quietly listened to Jesse’s conch shell.

Feeling the line of sight from a certain direction, I want to open my eyes asexually,

I raised my eyelids and looked at the trees around me.

Then, from between a certain tree and a tree,

The orange light was shining as if staring at us.

As soon as the conch shell was finished playing, the light went out.

On the way down the mountain, if I talked to Den-chan about that

Den-chan was actually watching.

Just before entering the forest

The Hawaiian island forest spirit is called “Menehune”,

I was having a conversation.


The light may have been “Menefune”, the spirit of the forest.

I remember talking happily.

Den-chan was given a role by the forest spirit “Menefune”.

A culture that has been preserved by the native Hawaiians of Molokai,

I wonder if he plays a role in conveying true spirituality to Japan.

I have been feeling since then.

When I visited Molokai again at the wedding

Den-chan’s friends who came to celebrate from Japan,

When everyone is enjoying a casual conversation

I saw many people who suddenly shed tears.

Just because there is a place called Molokai

The stiff heart melts loosely

Love overflows from the depths of my heart.

The essence of Molokai is condensed,

Den-chan’s picture and sentence.

Christmas where you can’t go anywhere in Corona.

Because of this now

In search of secret magic to be happy

While flipping through Den-chan’s book

I want you to travel to Molokai.

◯ Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building 2F Men’s Creators

Solo exhibition of Miyako Yamazaki

“Gold loves purple-the future landscape of a thousand years”

Tomorrow is finally the last day!

Works “Gold Loves Purple –future landscape one thousand years later

– Gold loves purple-a landscape of the future a thousand years from now-

“Daily Days on Morokai Island from Sandalwood Hill House”

Have a happy & mindful christmas ♪



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