Mitsubishi invests in Go-Viet

On July 8, Mitsubishi confirmed that it plans to invest in Indonesia’s Go-Jek multi-service startup currently in both Vietnam and Thailand.

Through the smartphone app, Go-Jek users can access many services such as hitchhiking, food delivery, electronic payment … This is one of the equally versatile Grab platforms in the region. and Go-Jek’s goals are none other than maximizing the region of Southeast Asia that Grab has not done thoroughly.

The two sides said they would discuss new projects in Southeast Asia soon but did not say anything more, the financial terms were also kept confidential.

“Go-Jek is proud to be partnering with Mitsubishi. Both brands have a reputation for reliability and quality product lines, services and technologies around the globe.”, said Go-Jek president Andre Soelistyo.

Earlier, Grab had the backing of Toyota with a long-term investment of billions of dollars. As for Go-Jek, the company is looking for a US $ 2 billion investment through two methods of lending and equity to accelerate the process of “acquiring” three regions: Vietnam (GoViet application ), Singapore and Thailand (Received) before expanding to Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Quang Phong
* Source: Young intellectuals


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