People are left behind by robots: MIT's robots have been able to solve rubik blocks in record time, taking only 0.38 seconds - Photo 1.

MIT's robot was able to solve rubik blocks in record time, taking only 0.38 seconds

In 2016, a robot set a record when solving rubik blocks in just 0.637 seconds. But that is not the highest record.

Because recently, the robot model created by two experts at MIT, Ben Katz (mechanical engineer) and Jared Di Carlo (computer science student), has continued to shove the world record for prize-winning ability. rubik.

Accordingly this robot arm can handle rubik blocks in just 0.38 seconds. Meanwhile, the record of the fastest rubik tournament in the current only 4.22 seconds belongs to Feliks Zemdegs, Australia has done in 2018.

The rubik block used in this challenge is a 3x3x3 rubik block with 43 million different combinations.

Both share: "We watched videos of previous robot models and we found that the engines were not the fastest. We thought we could do better thanks to improved engine and control systems."

The team attached an engine in each side of the rubik block and each face was controlled by electronic equipment. With the support of webcams pointing to the cube, the computer software determines the initial state of each face. After that, the software will start processing and calculating the steps to solve the rubik block the fastest. As a result, it only takes 0.38 seconds, the robotic arm has successfully solved the rubik block.

Below is the rubik interpretation of the robot arm:

MIT robot can solve rubik blocks in record time, only takes 0.38 seconds

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