'Mistrot 2'Kim Yeon-ji, transformed into'Kim Yeon-ja'.. Lee Chan-won "The best in all season"[별별TV]

‘Mistrot 2’Kim Yeon-ji, transformed into’Kim Yeon-ja’.. Lee Chan-won “The best in all season”[별별TV]

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/Photo = TV Chosun music entertainment program’Mistrot 2’broadcast screen capture

Kim Yeon-ji received high praise for her 180 degree transformation in’Mistrot 2′.

On the afternoon of the 4th, TV Chosun’s music entertainment program’Mistrot 2′, the final gateway to the semi-final, held the 3rd round 2’Ace Match’.

On this day, Kim Yeon-ji appeared in a splendid costume, arousing surprise. Kim Yeon-ji, who usually showed a static appearance, said, “I took a dot today,” and predicted that he would decorate a colorful and fun stage like’Kim Yeon-ja’.

As previously announced, Kim Yeon-ji set up a bright and energetic stage. The masters got up from their seats and started dancing to the song of Kim Yeon-ji, and the response on the scene was explosive.

When Kim Yeon-ji’s stage was over, Master Park Sun-joo exclaimed, “This is an ace. This is an ace.” Master Jang Yoon-jung praised, “Some people will be better at this song. But it sounded much better because he was so good at his own way. He transformed himself so hot. It was worth coming out as an ace today.”

Lee Chan-won also said, “There is a dilemma between being good at’Ace Battle’ and something new. Kim Yeon-ji did both.’Mistrot 1’and’Mr. Trot’ seem to have performed the most difficult stage when they were all together.” He said.

Kim Yeon-ji’s master score was 1168 points, overwhelmingly rising to the top.

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