'Mistrot 2'Kim Yeon-ji, Kim Yeon-ja wearing clothes and unconventional transformation '1st place'...  Chan-won Lee → Sun-joo Park praised "The Best Ace"

‘Mistrot 2’Kim Yeon-ji, Kim Yeon-ja wearing clothes and unconventional transformation ‘1st place’… Chan-won Lee → Sun-joo Park praised “The Best Ace”

[TV리포트=김은정 기자] Kim Yeon-ji has become the best ace with a breakthrough transformation.

On the afternoon of the 4th, TV Chosun’Mistlot 2′, the final gateway to the semi-finals, played the second round of the 3rd round,’Ace Match’.

On this day, before the ace war started in earnest, Jang Min-ho said, “In that waiting room, it will be a rage.” Chanwon Lee also felt the hearts of the participants, saying, “Even those who do not sing will be nervous.”

Kim Yeon-ji participated in the ace game as the representative of the daughter-rich family, who placed fourth in the first round. After taking a dot and transforming into a trot legend, he showed the sincerity of borrowing the stage costume Kim Yeon-ja actually wore.

Kim Yeon-ji expressed his gratitude, saying, “Two days ago, I contacted Kim Yeon-ja and carried it out. He said that he did not have a suitable costume, and he was so happy to lend him the costume.

He started a new challenge as a trot from the main vocal of Seeya and received a lot of attention, showing his will, “I also wanted to break me. I will show you a different image at all.” However, the day before the recording, I visited the hospital with more than a vocal chord, and while wearing makeup, I shed tears from the pressure.

Kim Yeon-ji, who selected’Within 10 minutes’ of Kim Yeon-ja, took control of the stage by releasing a trot with the start of the song. As they spew out the hidden mulberry with a soft voice, the masters all got up and danced and enjoyed.

As soon as the stage was over, Park Seon-ju admired, “This is Ace,” and Kim Jun-soo applauded, “I think it was the best of Kim Yeon-ji’s stage so far.” Jo Young-soo said, “I think I saw Jumi before.”

“In terms of skill, other participants may say,’I would have done better.’ But I did it well according to my own color.” I thought about it.”

“If I don’t say this, I’ll regret it,” said Lee Chan-won, who raised his hand and grabbed the microphone. It was an ace,” he said.

Kim Yeon-ji laid the groundwork for a reversal by ranking the overwhelming first place with 1168 points on the master evaluation team. Kim Yeon-ji shed tears of relief who came down from the gorgeous stage. When I went back to the waiting room, I shared joy with my teammates saying “I did it”.

Reporter Eunjung Kim ekim@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = Broadcast screen capture

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