The eagle broke the chi chi: disappeared for a month, just appeared and texted the house clean newspaper Russia science fund - Photo 1.

missing for 1 month, just appeared, texted "newspaper" clean all Russian scientific funds

If you regularly fly abroad and still want to keep in touch regularly, you will find expensive roaming international service – roaming. But if you are a creature flying all day, and then someone else pays roaming money for you, why not spend "throwing gas"? That said, I feel guilty that people have to pay, they are not rich at all.

To track the flight routes of 13 savanna steppe eagles, a group of Russian ornithologists installed these majestic animals to transmit positioning signals and send SMS messages.

Ironically, there was a steppe eagle named Min, of the Bird Class, Bo Ung, Ung, Chi Aquila, that spent the text messaging fund of the whole research team. According to their account, a series of "newspaper reports" appeared when Min flew from Kazakhstan – where cheap roaming rates to Iran – where fares were much more expensive. The charge was immediately deducted from the researchers' account, so it was sad.

MegaFon, the carrier behind these devices, will charge for every text message sent. Knowing the frequency of sending messages is … 4 times / day, we also have some sympathy for the family background with a good child. But it doesn't work to keep track of them, because this is an act of the Russian ornithologists' eagerness to protect the eagle, working at the RRR Conservation Network: could be entangled with high voltage wiring, poison trap or poison ingestion. The research organization has done this great work since 2015.

According to Elena Shnayder, the team has lost contact with the Min eagle since the summer of this year. But when it reappeared in Iran in early October, scientists were both happy and … pity: Min brought back a heap of location data and a sky-high phone bill. Hundreds of messages poured in at the same time, each message worth 49 rubles (equivalent to 17,800 VND), 5 times the amount expected, so the money flew clean.

"It disappeared for 5 months, then suddenly appeared, carrying a sky-high phone billMs. Shnayder said. The team has been following Min since 2018, this is the first time it's "missing". It seems that it has been flying in the skies over Kazakhstan for months, and when flying over Iran, connecting with local carriers, a series of geolocation messages using roaming data to fly to their phones research.

According to Shnayder's account, Min spent all her money, which was used up by the remaining 12 eagles while traveling in Iran, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

The conservation team has called for a fundraising to make up for the loss of the prairie eagles. As of last Friday night, they have raised $ 5,000 from benefactors. According to the research team on Russian social network VK, the amount will help them maintain operations until 2020.

The eagle broke the chi chi: disappeared for 1 month, just appeared and texted the house clean newspaper Russia science fund - Photo 2.

MegaFon also joins hands to help the savanna eagle in danger in a very unique way. They announced they would pay back a few months of the network charges, Min's and 12 other eagles, at the same time, they would charge less for this research project.

Significant actions from many sides are attempts to protect the remaining prairie eagle population. Data show that in 2013 in Russia, the number of steppe eagles was fewer than 10,000. During the annual migration season, the eagles will breed in southern Russia and Kazakhstan, sometimes flying as far as India, the Middle East and Africa.

In 2015, the International Union for Conservation of Nature listed steppe eagles as a list of endangered animals. The global population of imposing eagles, with a wingspan of up to 2 meters, is only about 50,000 to 70,000, and is decreasing recently. According to Shnayder, the team will add new navigation devices to more eagles in 2020. New devices will be equipped with free SIMs.

"It was a bit funny, because when the project was just started, we asked for a discount, but many carriers refused. ", Shnayder said when he saw many carriers agree with the new project.

In the meantime, little Min still spreads his long meter wings to go out to play. By the time it burned the research team, Min was in Iran, but flew over Saudi Arabia and then to Yemen on Saturday afternoon, then was hovering around Kazakhstan at the time this article appeared.

By the time you read these words, Min may have been playing somewhere else. If you are interested, you can follow Mr. Min or any prairie steppe with a navigation device using this website.

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