Miss Anh volunteered to return as an anti-epidemic doctor Covid-19

Miss Anh volunteered to return as an anti-epidemic doctor Covid-19

Miss Anh volunteered to return to being an anti-epidemic doctor Covid-19 - 1

Miss England 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee dressed in a medical attire (Image: Story Trender)

Ms. Bhasha Mukherjee was crowned Miss England 2019 and the country’s representative attended Miss World in the same year. After winning the crown, she quit her doctor job to focus on her community obligations.

According to the original plan, she is expected to temporarily stop practicing medicine until August this year because she has become an ambassador of some community organizations.

“I have been invited to Africa, Turkey, India, Pakistan and some other Asian countries as ambassadors for charitable activities,” Mukherjee said.

In early March, 24-year-old Mukherjee went to India for four weeks to conduct charity events, give gifts to schools, and help female students.

However, when the situation of Covid-19 became serious in his home country, Mukherjee received a message from his former colleagues at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, eastern England, about the difficult situation of the medical system. at this moment.

Mukherjee contacted the hospital management and asked to come back for help.

Reply CNN, the British beauty said she was uncomfortable wearing a crown while others were dying of the Covid-19 pandemic and her colleagues were working hard to prevent the pandemic from spreading. lan.

Mukherjee returned to England on April 2 and is quarantining herself for 1-2 weeks before returning to being a doctor in the hospital. Her major is in breathing.

According to data from John Hopkins University (USA), the UK now records more than 52,000 cases of Covid-19 and the death toll is 5,385.

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