Mischievous gym: Put "that" into the weight and stuck, rescue takes 3 hours to remove

Mischievous gym: Put "that" into the weight and stuck, rescue takes 3 hours to remove

Recently, the fire brigade of Worms city (Germany) posted on Facebook page and advised people about a "foolish play". The story begins when a naughty brother goes to the local gym to "exercise", perhaps due to boredom of the usual chest, shoulder and chest exercises, plus the "brother" thinking that the kids are must "brother" also have to be stronger than the person should the general came up with an idea out of all, that is to insert his "that" into the weight plate to see if "up muscle" is not!

Come on, starting from the 2.5kg dumbbell for it gentle affection, right? Without hesitation, his brother took a shot … into the dumbbell and tried hard and it seemed that he was very happy with this great innovation. But such short-lived joy gang, the initiative suddenly turned off into the dark, when his brother discovered the "precious" beloved has … stuck in the weight plate.

Gym naughty: Put it in the barbell and get stuck, rescue takes 3 hours to remove - Photo 1.

The barbell broke into 5 pieces after the fire brigade tried to save the man.

Immediately, the medical team of the city of Worms had to be present to "rescue the private soldiers". However, this case seemed to be "harder" than expected, so after a moment of panic, the doctors and nurses pity "please stop the game" to cede all to the fire brigade, because this team has the equipment more specialized. So the protagonist was gulping down a pile of anesthetic to "keep order", then the fire brigade had to use angle grinders and hydraulic rescue devices to break the barbell.

The "rescue" took 3 hours with stress, with screams, tears and the promise "I'll be fine, next time don't try to be foolish again".

The identity and condition of his "rabid" brother are kept confidential. On the Facebook post, the Worms city fire department also advised people not to "imitate such actions".

(Source: Straittimes)

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