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“You thought I was going to monopolize, but I didn’t. It was a philosophical question.”

With the announcement of Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X, the war of this generation of consoles is gradually coming to an end, and the next generation is coming soon.

In the next generation of host market development strategies, including Nintendo and the host Royal three have different ideas. For the console market, cost-effective, related services and exclusive games are the factors that determine the sales of a console, especially exclusive games are the most important.

On the next generation battlefield, the three tactics are different. These strategies are both a continuation of their respective traditional policies and a change based on their existing resources.

Do you insist on the road of monopoly and enrich the new market with your faith? Or do you explore a new way of selling a new way? Or you occupy the living room and turn your family into your own users? Yusanjia gave their own answers.

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Sony-Monopoly and Faith

Sony’s PlayStation platform has always used its excellent exclusive game lineup to hold the player group tightly. In the next-generation PS5 platform, Sony will also unswervingly implement its own exclusive thinking.

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(The “Uncharted Seas” series is a masterpiece of the PS platform)

At the end of this generation, the PS4 platform will usher in two first-party masterpieces-“The Last Survivor Act 2” and “Ghost of Tsushima”. These two games will complete the final work for the PS4 platform. .

This is a customary method used by Sony to rely on its powerful and exclusive works to give players a satisfactory answer at the end of the generation and also to put a glorious end on their financial statements.

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For the next-gen console PS5, Sony did not disclose much information, and even said that Sony’s security measures were a bit overdone.

Regarding the release information of the PS5 and some hardware specifications, Sony released the data early, but many details are temporarily unknown. This is understandable because it involves Sony’s own business arrangements and non-disclosure agreements with partners.

At the same time, Sony has always been secretive about the new features of the PS5. Except for the SSD and the new handle design, which have already been disclosed, Sony has been vague about other features, but only uses “more different from previous game consoles” The rhetoric came to obscure everyone. From the player’s point of view, this way of appetite is really unacceptable.

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