Mirror bridge eliminating automobile blind spots: Small equipment, big safety

Mirror bridge eliminating automobile blind spots: Small equipment, big safety

Can 360-degree blind spot mirrors work to “eliminate blind spots, maximize vision” as introductions?

Blind spot – “death eye lurking”

According to statistics, the whole country happened to 20,280 traffic accidents in 2017. This is a terrible number that makes anyone in the traffic shudder. Among the causes of the most tragic traffic accidents, the blind spot is considered a “terrifying obsession” that everyone is afraid of, from “young driver” weak steering wheel to “old driver”. experienced.

If the A-pillar blind spot, the driver can overcome by bending to the left or right to observe better, the blind spot due to the rearview mirror is most likely to make the driver “helpless”. Because the driver observes most of the space on both sides and the rear of the vehicle through the rearview mirror on the ears and in the middle.

Blind spot due to rearview mirror makes driver Blind spot due to rearview mirror makes driver “helpless”

Although manufacturers have tried to perfect the model rearview mirror. The driver also adjusts the best way to maximize the performance of the rearview mirror, the driver’s vision is still limited to a certain range. There are still blind spots that the driver cannot see. Blind spot due to rearview mirror is usually located at two quadrant corners behind the car, namely 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock direction of the driver.

Blind spots contain many potentially dangerous dangers. It is difficult for drivers to see vehicles running side by side in this blind area. When a driver needs to change directions, change lanes, bend, turn around, or think about the two sides of the car, but in fact these vehicles are running parallel. And accidents are inevitable.

Blind spot mirrorBlind spot mirror

On January 29, on a Thai Thinh street (Dong Da – Hanoi), a right turn taxi collided with two high-speed motorbikes, causing 3 people to be seriously injured. On March 30, on National Highway 1A, the section crossing Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, a 7-seater car collided with a 4-seater car running in the same direction. On the night of July 6, a car was moving on the provincial road DT769, when passing through the territory of Xuan Thanh commune (Thong Nhat – Dong Nai), it slammed into another car in the same direction. Touching caused the driver lost control and crashed into two motorcycles. These are just some of the evidence in countless serious accidents caused by blind spots.

Many accidents occur due to blind spotsMany accidents occur due to blind spots

Besides causing accidents, collisions, blind spot mirror also makes it difficult for drivers to observe when they need to back up or park. This easily leads to many situations of “falling”, “eating sugar”, even touching obstacles.

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Mirror spot eliminates automobile blind spots – “effective solution to eliminate blind spots”

Blind spot mirror is a convex, sub-mounted mirror on the rearview mirror. Because it is a convex mirror, the mirror has a different properties from the rearview mirror which is a flat mirror. Spherical mirrors eliminate blind spots for wider viewing angles, maximizing visibility. The driver can easily see areas of space that could not previously be seen in the rearview mirror. Mr. Phan T. Minh (Driver – Dong Nai) said: “This kind of convex mirror for cars helps increase the market well. Mirrors help you see clearly behind you and see vehicles running in parallel. When it is necessary to change directions, change lanes, especially on highways, it is easier to observe, without looking over and over again. ”

Spherical mirror eliminates blind spots to maximize the visibilitySpherical mirror eliminates blind spots to maximize the visibility

Mr. Huynh V. Tinh (Driver – Ho Chi Minh City) shared: “I find it very convenient to install a mirror for cars when I need to back up. Attach the side is clearly visible tires, do not worry about being slipped. Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Vo V. Tan (Engineer – Ho Chi Minh City) expressed: “It is really convenient to drive 4 seats. Only need to install on the outer edge of the rearview mirror to be able to clearly see the rear wheel on the side and the driver. When you need to back, just turn the mirror down. When running normally, adjust the mirrors facing out to see the vehicles running on either side, changing lanes, turning or turning. “

Rear view mirror supports easy reverseRear view mirror supports easy reverse

Should choose to buy convex mirror car blind spot removal type?

On the market, there are many models of blind-spot mirror for cars, the most popular are two models: 360-degree overflow blindness and rearview mirror with borders. Each sample has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The name has partly shown the design of these two examples. The blind-edged blind spot mirror is designed with a rim around the mirror. This border is also the base of the mirror. Some products have black borders, others have white borders. Judging from the aesthetics, this rim makes the mirror look not very slender, slightly rough. When mounted on the rearview mirror, feels inconsistent. On the other hand, this rim also increases the occupied area of ​​the mirror to clear the blind spot on the rearview mirror. While the rearview mirror surface is inherently limited, the appearance of an extra rim will hinder more or less the view.

Mirror with convex rearview mirror and borderMirror with convex rearview mirror and border

And spherical mirror eliminates blind spots 360 degrees overflow with an overflow design, also known as a borderless design. This design is very slender and beautiful. When fitted to the rearview mirror, creating a unified, luxurious form, especially without wasting the area on the rearview mirror, does not cause a feeling of bulky. Regarding the style, if compared to the mirror, the spherical mirror eliminates blind spots 360 degrees overflow is considered by many people to be beautiful, impressive and suitable for automotive rearview mirrors rather than edged spherical mirror products. Many people say that installing mirrored bridge mirrors looks very “entangled”, “bananas” or “not beautiful, not to”.

Spherical mirror eliminates blind spots 360 degrees overflow beautiful and more luxuriousSpherical mirror eliminates blind spots 360 degrees overflow beautiful and more luxurious

Scope of observation

Although it is a convex mirror shape with a curved surface. If you pay close attention, you will see that the curvature of each spherical mirror product clears the blind spot somewhat differently, leading to a different ability to increase the field of view. According to Mr. Tran Van Minh – owner of a shop specializing in selling car accessories on An Duong Vuong street (District 5 – Ho Chi Minh City): “Mirror bridge clears blind spots to think that everything is the same, but really not so. The same mounting position, but one for wide viewing angles, others for narrower viewing angles. It is due to the proportion of curvature of the mirror. Poor quality mirror products often have a lower curvature ratio than quality mirrors. ”

Comparison between spherical mirror eliminates blind spot 360 degrees overflow and border mirror, Mr. Minh said: “In the past, I sold both of these types, but many customers said that this spherical mirror does not look as wide as the overflow mirror. I have just taken two mirrors out of the way, it is clear that the 360-degree mirror is for a wider viewing angle. Firstly, the curvature ratio of 360-degree spherical mirror is more standard. The second may be due to the overflow mirror, which can maximize the field of view. In the future, I only took 360-degree samples to sell, and stopped selling edged spherical mirrors.

Full-spherical 360-degree mirror has a standard power ratio for a wider viewing angleFull-spherical 360-degree mirror has a standard power ratio for a wider viewing angle

Sharpness of the image

In terms of sharpness, the two models are also different. If you just take a look, you will surely think that both mirrors provide clear images. However, after using it, you will notice the difference. Mr. Dang V. Thai (Taxi Driver – Ho Chi Minh City) shared: “In the past, I thought any mirror was like any mirror, then I saw that one with a black border was cheaper to buy it. But whatever his money, spent 2 months, it began to blur, old, not see clearly anymore. Frustrated, I went to buy another when I heard the clerk said the black-edged bridge mirror was only aluminum, so the picture was not as beautiful as the 360-degree mirror with silver border. Using a silver-plated one is a better picture, it is still clear for nearly a year ”.

The 360 ​​degree spherical mirror is coated with silver for clear imagesThe 360 ​​degree spherical mirror is coated with silver for clear images


Compared to the features, especially the flexibility, the spherical mirror eliminates blind spots 360 degrees more than other mirror products. Because the 360-degree spherical mirror is integrated with a 360-degree rotating spindle. When mounting this axis, you can adjust the tilt of the mirror to 360 degrees in all directions. For example, when backing up, you can adjust the mirror facing down to see the rear side wheels, making it easier to back up. When traveling on a freeway, you can tilt your mirrors outward to see vehicles coming into the blind spot at two corners from the rear.

Spherical mirror with 360-degree rotating flexible shaftSpherical mirror with 360-degree rotating flexible shaft

This 360-degree spindle you can optionally attach or not mount. If you do not attach a rotating shaft, you can attach the mirror directly to the rearview mirror. But most people choose to mount the axis to be able to customize the view according to each situation. Meanwhile, the spherical mirror has no bezel with 360 degree rotation. The border around the mirror is also the sole. Some models also have the ability to adjust to the direction, but the viewing angle is still very limited in part due to the sole design, partly because the circumference of the ring hinders the view.


The 360-degree blind spot mirror is manufactured from ABS plastic so it has a better quality, better resistant to rain and sun than other types of mirrors. In particular, the 360-degree spherical mirror is fixed on the rearview mirror with 3M stickers that are stronger than normal glue. Spherical mirrors are edged because of their low cost, so most of them are made from ordinary plastic so the durability is not high. Mirrors are also fixed with regular glue, which is easy to fall off after a period of use.


Spherical, 360 degree spherical blind spot mirrors are much more expensive than edged spherical mirrors. Specifically, the price of a 360-degree blind spot mirror ranges from VND 200,000 to VND 330,000 / pair. Meanwhile, spherical mirror borders usually only 60,000 to 150,000 VND / pair. Some “fake” and “fake” products cost only 30,000 to 40,000 VND / pair. Regarding the price, Mr. Minh also shared: “Everyone’s money is yours. Mirror with cheap rimmed, broken quickly, fast blur. 360-degree spherical mirrors are higher in price but more durable. Spherical mirrors have been broken for a few months, and 360-degree mirrors for more than 2 years have not been affected. I recommend that you choose a durable mirror that is high but long-lasting, clear images can customize the viewing angle ”.

Bordered mirror is cheaper, durability is also lessBordered mirror is cheaper, durability is also less

In terms of design, sharpness and features, 360-degree blind spot mirror has many advantages that are superior to the edged spherical mirror. Although the price is a bit high, the quality as well as the experience that the 360-degree spherical mirror brings is worth the price range.


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  • 5D leather ceiling

Spherical mirror eliminates blind spot 360 degrees overflow


  • Borderless design, beautiful, luxurious, creating a seamless with the rearview mirror.
  • Clear images produced by modern silver coating technology.
  • More durable, better resistant to rain and sun made from special ABS material.
  • There are 360-degree rotation axis, easy to adjust the viewing angle in many directions.
  • Fix it on the rearview mirror with a sturdy 3M sticker.


  • The price is quite high, ranging from 200,000 to 330,000.

Convex rearview mirror with border


  • Low price, only from 20,000 to 150,000.


  • Some cheap models of the mirror are not sharp, because the mirror surface is coated with aluminum.
  • The design has a base border, looks a bit rough, not eye-catching.
  • The border takes up a lot of area of ​​the rearview mirror.
  • No spindle, or no spindle, but not as flexible as 360-degree Spherical Mirror.

Although the convex rearview mirror has a lower cost, it makes many users complain about the quality, durability and lack of 360-degree rotation. On the other hand, spherical mirror that eliminates blind spot 360 degrees overflow with higher cost, but possesses more advantages in design, aesthetics and features. This is currently the most preferred type of spherical mirror.

Beware of “hanging goat’s head selling dog meat”

In addition to the quality imported products, there are currently many places selling all kinds of mirror items to eliminate blind spots, “bad”, poor quality … Some online sales channels, mainly on Facebook, also there is a situation of “hanging goat’s head selling dog meat” when posting “one-sided” picture but the received goods “is another place”. Mr. Nguyen V. Nam (Business – Ho Chi Minh City) said: “Before I knew anything, there was a Facebook page that sold mirrors for cars, it was only 30,000, so cheap, so I bought it. But it is true that his money, a bad mirror, the mirror surface is always blurry, glued with ordinary glue, where more than a month is dropped an extra side is not always good. ”

Avoid buying products that are too cheapAvoid buying products that are too cheap

Painful because of the situation of “hanging goat’s head selling dog meat”, Mr. Tran T. Tinh (Driver – Can Tho) said: “It is frustrating to mention. Seeing it to reduce the figure of 90,000 to 45 thousand, it is clear that the picture is a 360-degree spherical mirror, but when the delivery comes, a mirror has a black border, the angle of the mirror is dead, unable to rotate. ”

Be alert to avoid falling into the situation of Be alert to avoid falling into the situation of “hanging goat’s head selling dog meat”

Another case, Mr. Phan C. Tien (Driver – Dong Nai) shared: “That time surfing Facebook, seeing that there was a place where selling mirrors for cars was only VND 45,000, it was too cheap because my friends bought it. full 200 thousand. Should think is cheap then order always. When it came to delivery, the delivery party demanded 90,000, I realized that it was enlightened, it was clearly 45,000. The phone delivery party to the seller asked, the seller said 45 thousand a unit, a pair of mirrors is 90 thousand. Resolutely not receive the goods. What a scam. ”

Please ask for clear information before orderingPlease ask for clear information before ordering

To avoid this situation, users should choose to buy mirrors at reputable sales locations. Be wary of mirror products that are too cheap, because “whatever money” is often “yours”. Only buy products with clear packaging and brands. So how to choose a pair of convex mirrors best suited to your car, so that you have the most open view?

The note when choosing to buy a bridge to remove blind spots

Choose the right size for rearview mirror size

Currently, convex mirror for cars has a lot of different designs such as round, square rectangle, trapezoidal style, rounded corner mirror style … However, if you pay attention, you will see most of the cars are now using circular or rectangular convex mirrors, in which convex circular mirrors are more common.

There are many different types of automobile convex mirrorsThere are many different types of automobile convex mirrors

According to many drivers, the mirror for round cars is easier to look at, the aesthetics are also more beautiful. But importantly, the circular mirror is small enough to provide a view at the location of the car blind spot, but not too big on the rearview mirror, does not affect the overall reflection image. rearview mirror. Small 4-seater cars often have small rear-view mirrors, limited visibility, so if the bridge mirror is installed too big, the vision range will be quite large. Therefore, when buying a car mirror mirror, you should choose a round mirror if you ride a 4-seater sedan, hatchback …

Round mirror is said to be the most suitable optionRound mirror is said to be the most suitable option

As for larger cars such as SUVs, MPVs, crossovers … both 5 seats and 7 seats, you can choose round mirrors or rectangular mirrors. If you want a wider view, you can choose a convex mirror for a rectangular car.

Square mirror mirror with 7-seat carsSquare mirror mirror with 7-seat cars

Should choose convex mirror overflow border

As analyzed above, the advice for you is to choose a convex spherical mirror with a border. In terms of aesthetics, if you put convex mirror borders and no borders next to each other, you will see the mirror without borders (overflow) looks brighter, more beautiful and more luxurious. In particular, the convex mirror is not border when mounted on the rearview mirror for a seamless, easier-to-see feeling. In contrast, edged spherical mirrors often bring a rather rough feeling.

Borderless mirrors look slimmer and more luxurious than border mirrorsBorderless mirrors look slimmer and more luxurious than border mirrors

But more importantly, not only in aesthetics, using a mirror with or without a border also affects the efficiency. The area of ​​the rearview mirror surface is inherently limited and of course no one wants this area to be narrowed. If you use a convex car mirror with a border, the outer rim will also more or less occupy a certain area on the rearview mirror. Meanwhile, with the convex mirror of the car overflowing, you will not be subject to the border, the viewing range is expanded to the maximum extent.

Material is also an important factor

Material and manufacturing technology will determine the durability as well as the image quality of convex mirrors on cars. Convex mirror is usually made from high quality plastic or ABS material. In particular, high-grade ABS plastic is more durable, stronger, better resistant to rain and sun. On the surface of car mirrors, usually treated with silver or aluminum. However, silver-plated processing technology gives sharper, brighter images. Image quality is also more beautiful, more durable, not as easily blurred as aluminum coated processing.

Silver-plated spherical mirror for clearer imagesSilver-plated spherical mirror for clearer images

Preferably choose convex mirror with 360-degree rotation axis

In the past, there were almost convex mirrors with a fixed car rearview mirror. But recently a new type of convex mirror has been added to the axis of rotation, often called a 360-degree blind spot mirror. This mirror set, in addition to the mirror surface, has a small rotating shaft underneath. Users can choose to mount a fixed mirror directly or mount on a rotating shaft.

Convex mirror with 360-degree rotationConvex mirror with 360-degree rotation

If you mount a mirror on a 360-degree rotating spindle, you can flexibly customize the spherical mirror surface to meet the desired viewing angles. For example, if you need to observe the rear wheel of the auxiliary vehicle for convenient access, backward, you can adjust the side mirror to face inward. If you are traveling on a freeway, you can point your mirrors outward to easily see cars running in parallel. Compared to fixed convex mirrors, 360-degree spherical mirrors are more flexible and convenient, and the ability to overcome automobile blind spots is also more effective.

Mirror convex cheap cars is not necessarily good

Diverse models, prices of automotive rearview mirrors are equally diverse. You can find auto-convex mirrors for only a few tens of thousands, but you can also find mirrors that cost up to several hundred thousand. What makes the price difference so big? The answer is quality, features.

Cheap car mirrors are mostly manufactured from ordinary materials, the surface of the mirror is coated with aluminum, the style is quite rough, the image is not sharp, often blurred after a period of use. As for the mirror for high-end cars, priced from 200,000 VND or more, more durable, beautiful images, luxurious design, especially not blurred after use.

Avoid convex mirrors of cars that are too cheap because they are often of poor qualityAvoid convex mirrors of cars that are too cheap because they are often of poor quality

Only with two small mirror for cars, but the driver can better see, see the blind spots of the car, making driving safer. A pair of convex mirror mirrors for suitable and quality cars will bring benefits that are worth the money.

Buy a mirror to remove blind spot where is the quality of cars?

Currently on the market, there are quite a lot of locations selling mirrors to remove blind spots. Buyers can go to shops specializing in prestigious automotive accessories. According to our research, there is a shop of auto accessories selling semi-spherical mirrors eliminating blind spots which has received positive feedback from customers, that is KOTADA Vietnam. Kotada sells genuine 360-degree blind spot mirror removal, at a reasonable price. In particular, the shop often opens promotions and discounts. You can order these promotions to get the best price.

In addition to buying at auto accessories stores, you can also buy at blind mirror distribution agents such as Guongcauxoadiemmu.com. Because this is a distributor, make sure to sell quality, genuine mirrors. Prices are also somewhat more preferential.

Hopefully, with the above sharing can help you understand more about the blind spot removal mirror – an “assistant” that effectively supports the driver in observing and limiting blind spots. Thank you for following the article. See you in the following articles.

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