Mint tea: The fragrance is cool, easy to drink and good for health

Mint tea: The fragrance is cool, easy to drink and good for health

Peppermint tea is a caffeine-free drink, suitable for enjoying at all times to help improve the digestive system, reduce stress.

Peppermint is a very popular herb as well as won the hearts of many people due to its positive effects on health. The following article, Hello Bacsi, will bring you interesting information about tea made from mint leaves that you may be interested in.

9 benefits of peppermint tea for health

Some of the benefits that this herbal tea brings include:

1. Calm the stomach

The cooling effect of menthol in peppermint tea helps calm an upset stomach in several ways. First, menthol relaxes spastic stomach muscles, improves circulation and reduces inflammation.

Next, tea helps reduce stomach pain, eliminating the cause of your stomach discomfort by stimulating gastric secretion to break down food and speed up digestion.

2. Improve digestion

Along with calming stomach pain, peppermint tea can help regulate digestion to ensure this process goes smoothly.

The menthol in tea also enhances the secretion of bile in the stomach, helping to digest food more efficiently. This drink will reduce the symptoms of diarrhea or constipation and is a great suggestion for those who are bothered by irritable bowel syndrome.

3. Cure bad breath

It is no accident that the composition of most toothpaste contains some form of peppermint extract.

With the ability to bring a sense of clean, fresh, mint will help you fight the cause of halitosis. A cup of tea from this leaf can immediately repel the typical smell of food left in the mouth like garlic, onions. At the same time, antibacterial properties work to kill germs and bacteria, which are the causes of your bad breath.

For best results, choose tea made with fresh mint leaves after every meal as well as after waking up.

4. Cure colds and flu

Mint tea

Like most real herbal teas, peppermint tea contains compounds that help fight colds in addition to boosting immunity.

Drinking a cup of hot tea is one of the most common ways to soothe a sore throat. Peppermint tea will relax the throat muscles that cause coughing, open the airway, relieve nasal congestion and reduce severe colds like bronchitis.

In addition, the antioxidants and antimicrobials in tea will increase circulation and allow white blood cells to move faster throughout the body to fight viruses and bacteria.

It also contains essential vitamins and nutrients that can boost your immune system and make you less sick.

5. Drink peppermint tea to reduce fever

One of the main ingredients in peppermint tea is menthol, which has been shown to reduce fever. Drinking a cup of hot tea soaked in peppermint leaves will make the body sweat, this is a natural way to cool down. The additional amount of liquid from the tea also encourages detoxification so your body can eliminate the cause of colds, flu and fever.

Besides, menthol compound will enhance the antipyretic effect. Peppermint is also a natural muscle relaxant, so tea reduces pain associated with high fever.

6. Improve awareness and mental focus

In a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the researchers found that peppermint enhances memory and increases alertness, the scent stimulates the hippocampus, the body’s secretion control. clarity and mental focus.

Therefore, drinking peppermint tea is a great way to boost your refreshment and concentration so that you can get things done without the need for energy drinks, tea or coffee.

7. Preventing vomiting

With its antispasmodic properties, peppermint tea can treat nausea and prevent vomiting.

A pleasant scent will also inhibit feelings of nausea while helpful compounds will help soothe the cramping abdominal muscles that cause vomiting. For many people, drinking a cup of peppermint tea before boarding a plane, boat or car can help ease the feeling of motion sickness or seasickness.

8. Mint tea reduces stress

Peppermint is a very common ingredient in Aromatherapy and Ayurveda medicine as a way of reducing stress, balancing the spirit, raising emotions. That’s because this herb contains natural sedatives that help you relax after a long day.

Drinking hot peppermint tea may help your body feel more comfortable and alleviate any inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea also have the effect of reducing blood pressure, creating a calm state.

Tea made from fresh peppermint leaves does not contain caffeine so you can drink it at any time of the day without worrying about sleepless nights.

9. Good for skin and hair

Like oral products, peppermint is used in many skin treatments at beauty salons to promote scalp health. Peppermint can help treat dandruff by reducing itching and soothing. This is why many shampoos are supplemented with menthol extracts. For best results, keep your hair on peppermint tea and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

The anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint when applied to the skin can help reduce acne redness. Besides, the antiseptic properties also prevent the accumulation of bacteria that clog pores. Therefore, you make use of unused tea water to skin care.

Tell you how to make fresh mint tea

Mint tea

There are many ways to prepare yourself a mint tea, such as using a bag of filter, dried leaves or fresh mint leaves. Proceed as follows:


  • Old hot water: 400ml
  • Fresh mint leaf: 15 leaves
  • Sugar (or honey): 2 teaspoons
  • Pitcher for mixing


  1. Rinse mint leaves, put in jar
  2. Like most herbal teas, peppermint tea will give the best flavor when used with hot water instead of boiling water. Therefore, after boiling water, wait 5 – 6 minutes for the water to cool down before pouring water into the kettle.
  3. Cover the bottle, incubate for 5-7 minutes. The longer you keep it, the stronger the tea will be.
  4. Pour into a glass and enjoy, add sugar or honey if desired.

Side effects of peppermint tea and who should avoid this tea?

As with most teas, peppermint tea may still have some minor side effects and may not be suitable for some people as follows:

People with acid reflux

If you have acid reflux disease or frequently suffer from the same condition, you should not drink peppermint tea. This is because tea contains components that make the muscles in the esophagus dilate, giving stomach and bile acids an opportunity to flow back to the esophagus. The consumption of tea can cause your indigestion symptoms, heartburn to increase.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women can of course still drink peppermint tea, but shouldn’t use too much. If you have a history of miscarriage, you should avoid using this tea. Also, when you’re breastfeeding, limit yourself because peppermint oil transmitted from breast milk can cause breathing difficulties for babies and young children.

Drug interactions

Peppermint tea may interact with medications that treat heartburn and acid reflux along with medicines that treat blood pressure or diabetes. Therefore, please consult your doctor before use to ensure your safety offline.

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