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(Kuching, 18th): Saudi Chief Minister Dato ‘Badingi Abang Zohari appealed to Sarawak senior citizens over 60 years old to apply for the Kenyan Gold Card launched by the Saudi government in order to enjoy many benefits introduced by the government.
He said that the many benefits provided by the Saudi government for senior citizens include free use of Sarawak hydrogen-powered bus services. He said that he had negotiated with the Minister of Transport of the Datuk Lee King Seng to provide senior citizens with a free ride on government-sponsored public transport services and instructed the latter to explore and implement the proposal.
He said that the Minister of Social Welfare, Community Harmony, Women, Family and Child Development Datuk Seri Chen Saiming previously announced that the company has launched the Kenyan Rankin Card to allow senior citizens aged 60 and over to apply in Sarawak. Good, many merchants intend to cooperate with the government to introduce preferential discounts to allow gold card holders to enjoy the discount. He also welcomed more companies and retailers to participate in this preferential service for the senior citizens in Sarawak.
At the same time, he also pointed out that senior citizens holding the Kenyan Gold Card will also enjoy medical services.
Abang Zohari pointed out when addressing the opening ceremony of Sri Shatou Senior Activity Center today.
He pointed out that the eligibility for applying for the Kenyan Gold Card is that all senior citizens over the age of 60 belong to Malaysian citizens. Malaysia has a k character and must be a permanent resident.
He also joked that he is 69 years old and eligible to apply for the Kenyan Gold Card.
In addition, he also said that the Sri Shadu Senior Activity Centre in Shadu District will be a model for other communities, and he hopes to set an example for other communities to set up similar centers.
In addition, he also promised to implement the expansion plan for the center, and also said that he would donate music equipment such as pianos to the center for events or recreational purposes.

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