Diggers discharge buffalo, video card prices drop dramatically - Photo 1.

Miners release buffalo, video card prices drop dramatically

With the latest moves by the Chinese government to tighten the Crypto market, many virtual currency mining organizations in the country of pandas have had to dissolve and move elsewhere. According to updated information from Chinese media, many Bitcoin mining factories in Sichuan (one of the largest virtual currency mines in the world) have had to close.

After cryptocurrency mining activities in China were tightened, the price of video cards in this country in particular and in the world in general has dropped rapidly. According to a report from PCGamer, GPU prices in Sichuan have dropped by 45% in the past week alone. With a large number of “buffalo plows” being released to the market, this will probably be the world’s cheap video card “bowl” in the near future.

Updating the situation of GPU prices in China, the South China Morning Post said that most of the new and used video cards are discounted from 25% to 45%. For example, a brand new GeForce RTX 3060 is being sold for $ 835 (while a month ago this product was still selling for more than $ 1,500).

One point to note for gamers is that when the market is flooded with “VGA buffalo plow” lines, it is easy for you to buy “disabled, even dying buffaloes”. According to the latest information from many component manufacturers, they are planning to shorten the warranty period of video cards due to concerns that excessive virtual currency mining will make the VGA lifespan extremely desirable. fragile. Warranty period from 36 months can be reduced to 12 and even 6 months.

Thus, if you buy a “VGA buffalo plow” that is about to break and expire, gamers will definitely hold the disadvantaged part in their hands. Granted, many experienced people will be able to distinguish and choose good cards, but this is not the majority. The risk of ordinary gamers when buying a “buffalo” graphics card is always great.

The state of money loss when buying “VGA buffalo plow” may be repeated as in the middle of 2018 and the disadvantage is always on the side of gamers.

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