Minecraft comes out on PlayStation VR with a free upgrade
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Minecraft comes out on PlayStation VR with a free upgrade

Currently, Minecraft is upgrading for free to play on PlayStation VR (PS VR). Expected, the game will appear on PS VR later this month. Developer Mojang Studios announced in a blog post.

Fans have been asking for Minecraft to appear on PS VR for a while now. Because the game is already available on different virtual reality platforms. However, on the PS VR Sony has yet to be focused and released. The upgrade will come out to be available for free download later this month, Mojang said.

According to the company information: Those with Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will receive the version to download. Just press download and you will access the new Minecraft VR function. And of course, you need to build your PS VR.

Notable information of Minecraft on PS VR

Developer Mojang shared a screenshot of Minecraft in PS VR, as below:

With the PS VR version of Minecraft it will be similar to the Minecraft you play every day on PlayStation 4. Nothing gets deleted and changed. And there will be a little change in graphics, images to better match the PS VR version. One point worth noting, players can still use the PS4 controller and perform the action while looking around using the PS VR headset. When playing, you will be able to choose from two modes Immersive and Living Room.

Minecraft continues to be hugely successful, albeit for more than a decade. Earlier this year, Microsoft, which acquired Mojang in 2014, said game sales now hit 200 million across multiple platforms, with usage spikes occurring during a pandemic. .

Source: According to The Verge


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