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Millions of users are tricked into downloading fake Android updates

According to a report from CSIS security company, a large number of Android users have been tricked into downloading fake Samsung firmware updates.

The "Update for Samsung" application described is going to update the phone software, but actually redirects users to a site full of ads and packages that require subscription fees. This app still exists on Google Play Store but it will most likely be deleted in the near future.

According to SlashGear page, although there is a huge number of 1-star reviews, the "Updates for Samsung" application currently has an average number of stars of more than 4 and there are many users who are tricked into downloading.

Reportedly, in addition to providing mass users with ads, the app is charging to download firmware updates that are provided for free through official channels. The app requires users to provide their credit card information instead of using Google Play subscriptions.

The report also said that the speed of downloading firmware via a free application (with ad display) is very slow, only 56 Kb / sec. Meanwhile, a normal firmware version is about 700 MB, which will take more than four hours to load, so it will motivate users to pay for high-end ads without download and faster download speeds. Annual subscription fee is 34.99 USD.

Due to a very high average rating, although the number of 1 star reviews is high, it is likely that the individuals behind this application have used fake reviews to add a sense of legitimacy to their fraudulent product. It is unclear how many of the more than 10 million installations listed on the app's page are authentic, but the number may be very high.

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