Millennials generation reshaped the world fashion map

Streetwear is becoming more and more classy, ​​with icons and bold graphics showing its own substance in parallel with elegance. Gucci, Louis Vuitton are putting this style into their collections, alongside streetstyle giants like adidas, Champion, Supreme.

Luxury street fashion is popular among the wealthy Millennials

Off-White is also a cult brand that many Millennials choose

Fashion followers must be no strangers to the term “Streetwear” or street fashion, one of the trends that have had an explosion period and until now has not shown signs of cooling down – the fashion style suitable for dynamic young people who prefer their own personality that is not mixed. still ensure the necessary trendiness.

With its rapid development, Streetwear has quickly become a hot keyword on social networks, a major market of the global fashion industry.

Originating in the 1980s, Streetwear style now only exists in the skaters, they eat, sleep, meet on the street, on the street. They create their own style, trendy and not mixed with any other style.

With the same passion for skateboards, the Stussy brand brought them up on T-shirt products, which were naturally well received after that, laying the first brick for Streetwear to develop to the present.

Stussy is at the forefront of the Streetwear style

Thanks to timely change, brands like Stussy and Supreme have grown fast and strong, making up for the 1980s growing slowly.

Explaining this, expert Benjamin Schneider, a research analyst at Euromonitor International, said: “As hip hop athletes or artists became popular in the 1990s, the sports fashion brands they wore like Adidas, Champion and Nike grew closer and closer to the public, creating an ecosystem. streetwear. “

The catalyst that made Streetwear boom: Social media – Social media

The impact of social media has made the world now “plane” More than ever before, bring street fashion to “time” its. These bold logos and graphics have stimulated the curiosity and interest of young people around the globe.

Instagram is where the most representative fashion icons are present. Luxury fashion houses like Gucci or Louis Vuitton add Streetwear’s personality-style fashion trails to their collections. By their distinctive and unique logos, these brands use it “key” to reach young people.

Instagram – where to find the latest Streetwear styles

Gucci also made a strong uprising in 2015 with the help of social networks. After hiring Alesandro Michele, the new creative director has brought the brand closer to the Millennials by capturing good street fashions and popular trends of popular culture. Celebrities help spread Gucci’s popularity through Instagram and their music products. As a result, the brand doubled sales and in 2018, customers under 35 accounted for 55%.

Gucci T-shirt “breaking” the Streetwear style

Millennials determine trends

Media or social media is not the only factor behind the popularity of the luxury Streetwear brands – it’s the desire to take Streetwear as a symbol of the Millennials’ personality as well. very important. This generation loved the popular and comfortable Streetwear style clothing, such as T-shirts, hoodies and sneakers.

As a result, street style is becoming more and more classy than ever, affecting styles and fashion based on individualism. Not only is the trend temporary, Streetwear is also the voice of the individual, expressing the diverse sides of himself, asserting his own nature, where personality is exposed through impressive costumes. Promoting experience and enjoying life, but millennials are people who don’t waste money.

Phong Ninh
* Source: Economic life


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