Mike Ward in Supreme Court The humor industry remains on the alert


The Supreme Court hearings of Mike Ward’s case against Jérémy Gabriel and the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse will take place on Monday morning.

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Because the situation could have important repercussions for the future, the Association of Professionals of the Comedy Industry (APIH) has decided to intervene by asking prosecutor Walid Hijazi to advocate for the freedom of expression.

“This is a very important cause in terms of freedom of expression in general and freedom of humorous expression in particular,” Me Hijazi told the Newspaper. It’s a cause that transcends Mike Ward’s rights and touches the humor industry in general. ”

If Mike Ward were to be found guilty of discriminating against Jérémy Gabriel, for a joke that was found in his show Mike Ward exhibits himself, the impacts on the humor scene could be dramatic.

“It is a decision that concerns, says Mr. Hijazi. This is a precedent that scares the humor industry and could create an effect of reluctance and self-censorship. “

The humorous speech

The prosecutor will argue that the humorous speech is a unique speech, “which has its own characteristics and which is generally not comparable to a violent speech marked by bad faith”.

Mike Ward will be represented again by Julius Gray and his team. Experienced lawyer, Me Gray mentioned in Newspaper that this will be the very first time in his career that he will plead in the Supreme Court via videoconference.

“I have pleaded several times in other courts, recently, since the start of the pandemic,” said the lawyer. But the Supreme Court is different. It’s going to be a new experience. “



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