Mike Pompeo called on US athletes to boycott China's "Genocide Olympics"

Mike Pompeo called on US athletes to boycott China’s “Genocide Olympics”

On April 9, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested that US athletes boycott next year’s Winter Games in China. He calls this sports competition the “Genocide Olympics,” because the human rights crisis is emerging in the Xinjiang region, China.

Mike Pompeo urged the US athlete to boycott China’s ‘Genocide Olympics’ (Artwork: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock)

In recent years, China has been repeatedly criticized by the Trump administration, followed by the Biden administration’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs over human rights issues in the Muslim minority Uighur area of ​​Xinjiang. Many investigators and researchers have identified that Beijing’s policy of brainwashing and forced labor to assimilate Uighurs has resulted in a genocide against this ethnic group.

In a tweet on Friday, Pompeo mentioned a recent event: After the state of Georgia passed a series of reforms aimed at ensuring the state’s voters are loyal to the election, The American Professional Baseball (MLB) has moved its annual All-Star game out of Atlanta.

“We were able to figure out how to move an All-Star match pretty quickly,” he writes. “So maybe we can also find a way to move an Olympics. No American athlete should be in that ‘Genocide Olympics.’

Before that, many human rights experts have asked to move the 2022 Olympics to another country, due to China’s human rights violations and genocide.

In the United States, Republican lawmakers have called for the Olympics to be removed from Beijing, otherwise a boycott of the event. They pointed out that the CCP government’s extensive campaign of persecution against ethnic minorities, religious followers and dissidents has continued. In particular, human rights violations against the Muslim Uighur community in Xinjiang autonomous region have been declared genocide by the Trump administration.

Republican US Senator Rick Scott (Florida) wrote to Joe Biden on Feb. 25, proposing a meeting to discuss efforts to move the 2022 Winter Olympics to the country. other.

“In any case, the global community should not give Communist China an international forum for them to justify their crimes. And that will happen if they are allowed to host the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, ” Senator Scott wrote in the letter.

Several other US lawmakers have also proposed resolutions promoting the move of the Winter Olympics away from Beijing, including Republican Rep. Michael Waltz (Florida). Mr. Michael Waltz emphasized the CCP’s bloody suppression of democracy protesters in Hong Kong and conceal the origin of the Chinese virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. For these reasons, it is extremely unlikely that Beijing will host the upcoming Olympics “Immoral, contrary to morality often moral and wrong”.

Lawmakers in Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as more than 100 human rights groups around the world, have made similar calls. The Canadian parliament in February even passed a petition declaring the CCP’s persecution in Xinjiang a genocide, and urged the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to move the Games out of China.

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