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Microsoft uses seawater to cool data centers under the ocean

Recently, Microsoft has revealed some information about Project Natick. The company said an undersea data center would be a more sustainable option, helping to improve performance and reliability when compared to a land-based installation. When asked about the impact on the marine environment when the project was put into operation, Microsoft responded that Project Natick would have almost no impact at all.

Natick will use raw seawater for cooling, and the water that returns to the ocean is only a little hotter than its surroundings. Since ocean currents are constantly intertwined, the issue of temperature is not a major concern. Microsoft uses a camera mounted on the outside of the case to monitor the surroundings during project implementation. Thereby, they found that this data center is an ideal place for marine life, and many fish species along with other marine creatures are quickly coming to live.

Source MSPoweruser compiled Gearvn

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