Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which is better for free online teamwork?

 Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which is better for free online teamwork?

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which is better for free online teamwork?

Microsoft Teams and Slack are two highly rated free messaging and meeting applications available today. However, both still have differences. Join us to find out if Microsoft Teams or Slack best suits your needs!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Android

Microsoft Teams for iOS

Compare the free version of Microsoft Teams and Slack

Before it was free, Microsoft Teams was once a tool available only to Office 365 users. Even then, to use it as an add-on feature, you have to pay extra.

The current focus and payment system aimed at Office customers has limited the attractiveness of the Teams platform, however, it is a labor productivity assurance tool for existing Office 365 subscribers.

Compare Microsoft Team and Slack

The free Microsoft Teams certainly offers a lot of useful features, especially when compared to the free version of Slack.

One of Slack’s biggest advantages is its ease of use. Almost anyone can go to Slack and chat instantly, just need to register a valid account. Is Microsoft Teams like that?

Is Microsoft Teams easy to use?

Display Microsoft Teams Meet the trendy design of the instant messaging platform. The left column displays your Teams and their related channels, the right column lists Teams members with their online status. The application center includes Conversations, Files, Meeting Notes and other customizable tabs.

Microsoft Teams also has a different menu column at the bottom right corner with options for quick access, recent activity, direct access to shared files with any app and other built-in plugins.

Microsoft Teams interface

Features of Microsoft Teams

Although the menu structure of Microsoft Teams is a bit less intuitive, you will find here a lot of useful features. For example: You can easily create a 3-way video meeting, combine content notes, share files when chatting about important issues.

Video conferencing also integrates screen sharing, allowing you to see what your colleague is explaining through Powerpoint presentations … Almost anything you can do seamlessly on Microsoft Teams, including adding New members to video chat. The application also supports background blur, sharing records in the cloud to other members of the Team.

The range of integrations and apps available on Microsoft Teams is impressive, especially when compared to Slack for free. You may find Microsoft Teams free useful for small businesses and startups. Another great feature is the ability to translate messages directly to all members in the supported language of the app.

Integrated features in Microsoft Teams

Control Microsoft Teams

This is also a remarkable feature of Microsoft Teams over Slack. In Slack channels, you can use GIF images, stickers … when chatting, however, despite its limited use, it is difficult to keep track of important information.

Install Microsoft Teams with the “Fun stuff” option. It contains emoji, meme, sticker. This option allows Team owners to disable uploading of custom memes, stickers, GIFs, which makes the conversation less distracting.

Microsoft Teams Fun Stuff Options

Overall, Microsoft Teams still have many advantages over Slack. In an age of fast, simple and secure online learning, online meeting is a top priority, Microsoft Teams deserves to be on your computer. It is a product developed by Microsoft itself, so you can feel secure when using it.

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