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Microsoft started releasing 1903 updates for Windows 10 1803 users, you should update

For those who are using Windows 10 1803 (Redstone 4 or April 2018 update), Microsoft has begun to request the latest version of 1903 (19H1, May 2019 update). So if you are using this version, it should be updated immediately because it is about to expire.

On Twitter, Microsoft announced: "We started releasing Windows 10 May 2019 updates for users of devices running Windows 10 version 1803 because this version will end the service life support period of 18 months on the day. November 12 this year. "

Microsoft said there are currently a large number of devices still running Windows 10 1803 (actually a very stable version of Windows 10) and pushing users to update to 1903 is "Helping devices continue continue to be supported and receive monthly security patches, which in turn helps make the Windows ecosystem healthier. " Now if you are using Windows 10 Home or Pro version 1803, you can go to Windows Update to check for updates.

According to statistics from Adduplex, Windows 10 1803 is still the version used on most devices with 58%.

As Microsoft explained, the company considered many factors before releasing the 1903 update – a major update that added many features to Windows 10. This is also an update that was released slower than the calendar. original submission because of many errors. Although Microsoft does not have its own monitoring department, it will closely monitor user feedback to prioritize the release of the standard computers – those that can bring a good experience to 1903. Machines that may encounter errors will have to wait after the errors are fixed.

If you do not want to update now, users can still postpone updating for up to 35 days, apply to Windows 10 Home and Pro, after this time, the update is done automatically and mandatory. .

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To know which device is running Windows 10 version, you can go to Settings> System> About.


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