Microsoft performed Minecraft Earth at Apple's WWDC

Microsoft performed Minecraft Earth at Apple's WWDC

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Microsoft show Minecraft Earth – realistic titles augmented (Augmented Reality) like Pokemon Go – during the recent WWDC event of Apple.

Last month, Microsoft revealed that they are making a game Minecraft augmented reality with its name Minecraft Earth However, they did not reveal anything about the gameplay.

Strangely, Microsoft then chose an event of … Apple to reveal the game's play information.

During the Global Developer Conference (WWDC), Microsoft for the first time "unveiled" how to play Minecraft Earth.

In the experimental video that Microsoft posted online, we can see familiar bricks appear on the table and both players can interact with them: moving and building a building just like Real game titles

After building the model on the table, players can "enlarge" the model into a real-life version and … walk in that building.

Thanks to the new "occlusion" feature that Apple developed exclusively for iOS, when virtual objects can be designed to appear behind real objects, the game can become extremely realistic. .

Microsoft has partnered with Mojang to develop Minecraft Earth For many months, the big goal was to "cover the entire Earth with bricks Minecraft".

They plan to launch a trial version this summer, and will release it officially when the test is complete.

Do not know Minecraft Earth has the potential to surpass Pokemon Go about "hot" when released?

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