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Microsoft offered another update to Windows 10 to wrong users

Microsoft once again gained a foothold with the Windows 10 update, although this update was not wrong-it was delivered to the wrong computer.

The update in question is KB4523786, which was launched along with the optional cumulative update of the Windows 10 May 2019 update and implemented “quality improvements for devices configured with Windows Autopilot.”

Now, Windows Autopilot is used to set up devices in a commercial environment, and as Microsoft stated in the patch notes: “When the device is not registered or configured for Windows Autopilot, the Windows Autopilot update is not installed on Windows 10 Pro or later. Deployment. . Windows 10 Home will never provide Windows Autopilot updates.”

Except in this case, the KB4523786 update has been pushed to Windows 10 home PCs, even Windows 10 Pro computers that are not registered for autopilot deployment.

However, Microsoft has now withdrawn this update, so you will never see it again anyway.

No harm

A member of the Microsoft InTune support team posted the following on Twitter to clarify the situation:

2/2 Once we realize the problem, we stop distributing updates. If you have already installed the update, it will not affect you. If it is not, further measures need to be taken. Hope this helps! #IntuneSuppTeam ^ MS October 25, 2019

Therefore, even if you have installed this update before, the good news is that it will not actually cause any adverse effects on your PC (of course it will take up some drive space and will add some additional confusion to the system).

However, many people have uninstalled it through reports on the Internet, and have done so without any problems. That is to say, we have not tried it yet, obviously you need to delete it at your own risk!

Microsoft is likely to launch further updates in the near future to sort out and delete the erroneously released KB4523786 itself, for those who are not even aware that they have installed unnecessary updates.

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