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Microsoft Nadella Network Fireside Talk Ten years later, China will now have a large number of commercial cloud applications

2020-04-17 20:55:09Beijing News Reporter: Liang Chen Editor: Wang Jinyu
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Microsoft Nadella Network Fireside Talk Ten years later, China will now have a large number of commercial cloud applications

2020-04-17 20:55:09Beijing News reporter: Liang Chen

Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate will be officially commercialized in China within a few months, and this will give millions of Chinese national developers the opportunity to develop their own commercial applications in a low-code and non-code manner.

Beijing News (Reporter Liang Chen) On April 17, under the epidemic, the Microsoft Greater China Online Technology Summit went online. The company’s CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) and Alain Crozier, senior vice president and chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China, conducted “fireside talks” via the Internet. Impact, Microsoft ’s development in China, and the concept of Tech Intensity.

Nadella said that his first job is to ensure the health and safety of all Microsoft employees around the world. At the same time, Microsoft is doing all it can to suppress the virus’s impact on society and the economy. In the dialogue, Nadella revealed that Ke Ruijie decided to return to China immediately, and the leadership team to overcome the difficulties together, “Only if we understand the development of the situation clearly, we can provide targeted help. We believe that technology can play an active role.”

Nadella said, “Obviously, there are no borders for the spread of the virus, and vaccines also have no borders. This requires all of us to work together to work together through global cooperation and close cooperation. During the outbreak, Microsoft came up with a telemedicine solution , Distance learning solutions, and fully support enterprises of different sizes working at home and collaborating remotely. “

Nadella also said that China’s experience in fighting the epidemic and resuming production is helping us promote post-epidemic recovery in other parts of the world.

The era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge is driving the digital transformation of the entire social economy. Nadella said that even in the crisis of the new coronavirus epidemic, we can still use various digital devices to eliminate the physical distance, showing that we are going beyond a single device, to a real multi-device, multi-sensing experience, or completely Immerse yourself in these multi-device, multi-sense experiences.

In response to Microsoft’s development in China, Nadella disclosed that on GitHub, open source projects from China have grown substantially. He believes that in China, a large number of commercial applications in the form of SaaS will emerge in the next decade.

Ke Ruijie said that the solutions developed by Microsoft in the Chinese market will not only serve Chinese customers, but will also benefit the entire world. Microsoft is actively helping Chinese developers go global. Recently, we have provided more tools and services for Chinese developers, including Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Azure Voice Services, all of which have been officially commercialized in the Chinese market.

Ke Ruijie announced that Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate will be officially commercialized in China within a few months. This will give millions of Chinese developers the opportunity to develop their own business applications in a low-code and no-code way, which can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft products such as Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365, or can be integrated into Into their own business applications.

In addition, Nadella once again mentioned the concept of Tech Intensity in this online “fireside talk”. In a speech, he interpreted this concept as “the power of trust multiplied by technology adoption and technology capability.”

In his view, in the next ten years, the key factor that can determine all walks of life, including public services and the private economy, will certainly be how people use digital technology to control a variety of resources, widely promote the healthy development of the economy, and drive Economic growth, and the key core of which is technology density.

Any company that wants to build strong technology density must first ensure that the latest and greatest technology is applied. Moreover, the last thing you need today is to reinvent the wheel, but to use new technologies, and on this basis, to further create your own intellectual property technology and business solutions, and these will become a competitive advantage. However, the key element of this is trust, and this determines the degree to which the technology really works.

Nadella said that the ability to determine a country’s or company’s competitive advantage depends on their level of technical density.

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