Sforum - Latest technology information page 2005672 Microsoft launches new Office application, merging Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft launches new Office applications, merging Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft recently launched an entirely new Office application for iOS and Android.

Although the software giant has had separate versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for both iOS and Android for years, this new Office application is designed to combine them into a single application. . Users can access the nearest documents in this application and even create new documents by using the ability to scan documents or create by themselves from a smartphone.

This new Office application is now a center for Microsoft to introduce all the new features that it will gradually add to Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the near future.

There are a number of outstanding new features on this app including the ability to transfer files from your computer to a smartphone, convert images into text or spreadsheets, scan images and then convert them into PDF files and even scan the QR code. These are features that were always hidden in the past, but they may be used more often when they are integrated into the new Office application.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 2005675 Microsoft launches new Office application, combining Word, Excel and PowerPoint

The Office application logo has also been redesigned by Microsoft in Fluent Design. Microsoft has been customizing icons for many Office applications over the past year and the new Office logo is the latest version of the flat orange icon the company has used in recent years.

Microsoft has released a public preview today. This application is currently only available on smartphones, Android tablet models as well as iPads that have not yet installed this application. To experience the new Office application users need must register in advance. Android smartphone users register here, iPhone users can register via TestFlight here.

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