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Microsoft launches its own brand of shower gel, Xbox-branded shampoo and deodorant

In recent years, game-related products have grown, expanded and crept into our lives, from the clothing sector, to interior decoration to food and beverages. And recently, Microsoft continues to follow this trend when launching a "bathing" product line for Xbox-branded gamers.

More specifically, Microsoft has just released the Xbox Lynx branded personal care product set. The kit includes a body-cum-oil shower gel and face wash, deodorant spray and sweat remover. The products are cooperated by Microsoft with Ax – a well-known personal product brand of men.

With the new product line, Microsoft expects gamers to become more confident before leaving the house and more comfortable when returning home and playing games, ….

Regarding the smell of these products, Microsoft said it is a combination of fruit flavor, herbs and many different types of wood. The Xbox Lynx is a fresh scent of citrus, highlighted with the top notes of kaffir and winter lemon, the middle notes are herbs, mint and sage, the last aroma comes from patchouli and pine. It contains a variety of natural oils, contained in a sleek appearance of the Xbox Lynx brand of deodorant spray, body spray and shower gel.

It sounds quite attractive and very suitable for male gamers. However, at the present time, these products are only planned by Microsoft in the Australian market.

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Article source: TheVerge


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