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Microsoft is about to launch the Surface Pen with the ability to bend into a wireless headset

If you feel that the pen used for writing and drawing is too boring, Microsoft's new invention about the Surface Pen can bend into a wireless headset below will make you reconsider.

Microsoft is one of the "best" supporters for using stylus stylus devices. Speaking of Surface products, we can't help but mention the Surface Pen. And it is not surprising that the company is looking to expand the features of this pen in addition to the main drawing functions.

Only yesterday, we saw a new patent related to Microsoft will integrate a touch screen onto the Surface Pen, so today, a new invention shows a Surface Pen device. The "weird" part can be bent to turn into a wireless headset.

The new invention is named "Flexible carpenter’s stylus with dockable earpiece" which reveals the bending ability of the Surface Pen and attaches it to the ear. When turned into a wireless headset, the device will use the battery power available in the pen body. Of course, its main function will still be notes and drawing, etc. But with this 2-in-1 combination, the Surface Pen will not merely be a stylus but will become a "multi-device" device. much better.

According to the patent description, users can use the pen as an input device to support the touch screen. In addition, the device is also equipped with an integrated dock containing a removable wireless headset. Dock helps keep the headset from falling out and provides power for the wireless headset to work.

The highlight of this new Surface Pen is the ability to bend like sports headsets, so that headphones can stick on the ears better. The main function of the wireless headset built into the top of the pen is effective for listening to handsfree calls very effectively. Of course users can disassemble the headset to use it independently when needed.

Sforum - Latest surface-pen-2017-logo information page Microsoft forthcoming Surface Pen is capable of bending into wireless headphones

At the present time, the design of this new Surface Pen pen just stops on paper. In essence, it seems that the Surface Pen pen with screen will be more practical than a touch pen device capable of bending into wireless headsets. However, it is still worth looking forward to, and maybe Microsoft will become a pioneer for this new design?

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