Microsoft sent an invitation to the Surface event in early October, promising to bring a lot of new hardware and experiences - Photo 1.
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Microsoft invites the Surface event in early October, promising to bring new hardware and experiences

Microsoft has begun to reveal some information about the upcoming Surface event in New York next month. Yesterday, the software giant sent invitations to news sites with an attached image that included the Surface logo in conjunction with an image similar to a processor.

The invitation also revealed that the event will take place at 10am (US East Coast Time) October 2. It is known that both Satya Nadella and Panos Panay (director of Microsoft's device division) will have present at the event, an indication of its importance this year.

Nadella didn't participate in last year's Surface event, where Microsoft refreshed its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop lines with the addition of a black option, with Surface Studio 2 and the launch of the new Surface Headphone. With Nadella present at this year's event, it shows that Microsoft will reveal something important.

This year's event will focus on new hardware for the upcoming holiday shopping season, and we may see some upgrades in the Surface line. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will launch an AMD-powered Surface Laptop, a Qualcomm-powered Surface and a new Surface Pro with USB-C ports at the event. The picture on the invitation also refers to changes in the processor with a piece of aluminum etched in the shape of the processor.

But hardware is not the only focus. The event also addresses the experiences Microsoft is expected to bring on the new Surface hardware. If Microsoft is ready to launch an ARM-based Surface, we will need more information on how Windows works better with this new hardware. In addition, the event could provide further insight into Microsoft's efforts towards its dual-screen Surface device and Windows Lite.

Microsoft invites the Surface event to take place in early October, promising to bring a lot of new hardware and experiences - Photo 2.

Sources close to Microsoft said the company has been working on this hardware for at least the past two years, and Microsoft's own Surface device is designed to usher in a new wave of dual-screen devices as well as new devices. hybrid laptops or folding tablets will be available by the end of 2020. During an internal meeting earlier this year, Microsoft demonstrated a new device, codenamed Centaurus.

Microsoft is also working closely with Intel and some of its OEM partners on a new variant of Windows with the name "Windows Lite", designed to run on this new hardware. Windows Lite is a stripped down version of the standard Windows, with a preference for dual screen devices. The hardware itself may look similar to Microsoft's idea of ​​a Courier dual-screen computer.

Intel is also urging OEMs to create a new portfolio of hardware and laptop manufacturers are testing both foldable and dual-screen devices. The Windows Lite interface will be similar to Windows 10 but simplified and more modern, like what Microsoft is currently doing with the Surface Hub.

Microsoft sent an invitation to the Surface event in early October, promising to bring a lot of new hardware and experiences - Photo 3.

Microsoft may also reveal a mysterious wireless speaker. Earlier a patent surfaced this week that showed an unpublished device with the same size and shape as Google's Home Mini speaker. Microsoft will most likely use this speaker for its Microsoft Team software.

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