Microsoft in turn broke up Huawei - VnReview

Microsoft in turn broke up Huawei – VnReview

Huawei is no longer a server provider for Microsoft.

Microsoft removed Huawei from the list of servers and equipment providers for Azure Stack cloud service, a week after the US government banned cooperation with Chinese companies without a special license.

The world's largest software maker still left open the possibility of revoking licenses for the Windows operating system. Huawei's logo still appears on Azure Stack home page but when accessing specific products, the name Huawei is no longer available.

Huawei is one of the hardware vendors that creates servers and devices for Azure Stack. This hybrid cloud platform service allows businesses to install and deploy Azure services right in the data center.

Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw declined to comment on the move.

Investors are closely watching the change in cooperation between US and Huawei companies, thereby assessing the impact of the embargo.

A series of large corporations in many fields claimed to comply with the decision of US President Donald Trump, suspending the provision of components, technology and services to Huawei. Including 3 leading chip manufacturers in the world are Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom. This list has search giant Google, ARM mobile processor structure design company and a number of other partners from Europe and Asia.

Before Huawei removed from the Azure Stack component provider list, Microsoft stopped selling the MateBook X Pro and other Chinese company's products on the website.

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