Microsoft has massively updated the Internet disconnection game built into the Edge browser

Truly “surfing without the net”.

Let me tell you a cold knowledge first: Microsoft’s Edge browser can also surf when the Internet is disconnected.

I am referring to the “disconnected game” built into the browser.

Last year, Microsoft Edge added a built-in surfing game in an update. Just type “edge://surf/” in the address bar of Edge to open the race called “Let’s Surf the Net” game.

This is like the classic little dinosaur of Google Chrome. The meaning of existence is to let users who suddenly disconnected from the Internet pass the time and relieve tension and anxiety:

No one would expect anything from such an easter egg game, just like a little dinosaur, which was born almost ten years ago, and there is still only one operation needed, and that is to press the space.

But today, William Devereux, the product manager of Microsoft Edge, suddenly announced on Twitter that more content will be added to the game, including new map obstacles, easier role selection menus, and bug fixes. Update.

Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to this news

Like the little dinosaurs, “Surfing the Internet” is also a simple and easy-to-operate single-threaded game-the four arrow keys respectively control the direction and speed of the character when surfing. The only goal of the game is to slide while avoiding obstacles on the sea surface. As far as possible.

But compared to Google’s little dinosaurs, the surfing game of Edge browser can be said to be “excellent”. Not only does the screen change from black and white to color, but it even has a character selection page, a prop system, and multiple game modes. For example, you can find items to speed up and restore blood on the beach:

You can also use different terrains to do some difficult skills:

There is even a “Sea Monster Chase” link

The official also designed a variety of modes for this easter egg game, from timing to racing, and even added an “endless mode” that competes for endurance:

From the perspective of the diversity of gameplay, Google’s little dinosaur is not Microsoft’s surfing rival at all. At the beginning of this year, Microsoft even released extensions for classic games including Pac-Man, Tetris, Mario Kart, etc., allowing users to Choose freely, and you won’t be too angry to hit the keyboard when the internet is disconnected.

However, this game is not exclusive to the Edge browser. If your computer does not have an Edge browser, and you really want to experience this game, you can also click here to try the web version of the game without a browser.

Source: Travel Research Agency


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