Microsoft has been preparing for a future without Windows

Microsoft has determined that Windows will no longer be the end and the future of the corporation will be decided by Cloud and AI

On March 29, Microsoft announced the company’s 4th organizational restructuring in the past 5 years. This is probably the most important event in Nadella’s term. Besides, Mr. Terry Myerson will leave the position of CEO of Windows.

A new team will be appointed to continue to support and develop the features of Windows 10. In addition, Windows will focus on cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI).


Windows isn’t as important as it once was

The “Windows & Devices Group” division will become “Experiences & Devices” and is responsible for everything related to Windows, Office, and Surface under the management of Rajesh Jha, director of Microsoft Office.

Currently, Android has about 2 billion devices and one billion Apple products in use globally. Microsoft has always claimed to have 1.5 billion Windows users, but it is a sign that the number is decreasing.

Microsoft is ready to give up Windows. Photo: The Verge.

According to November 2017 data, Windows 10 runs on more than 600 million devices. According to Windows Trends, about 45% of computers and tablets are running Windows 10. That means the total number of devices using Windows has dropped to only 1.33 billion.

Although the number of 600 million is very large, it is only half of the original goal. Microsoft wants to reach one billion users in three years. This number is only possible if the Windows Phone line is successful.


However, after only a year of launch, the company has accepted to give up that goal. The phone failure took away Windows’ dominant position in the market. Now, Microsoft is changing its direction to invest in other areas such as Cloud Gaming on Xbox.

No longer focusing on casual users

Mixed Reality, 3D Paint, and pen / touch upgrades are Microsoft’s attempt to steer Windows 10 towards creators. Universal Windows Apps is expected to bring change thanks to its widespread popularity across many devices.

But these apps were quickly forgotten because they could not find common ground on the phone. The future of Windows 10 is still largely based on the application on the website.

Windows 10 is an impressive comeback. This operating system is the result of listening to user feedback after an underrated Windows 8.

Universal Windows Apps did not meet expectations. Photo: The Verge.

However, unlike Ballmer’s predecessor, Nadella sees the future of this corporation in Cloud. This segment has been and is successful even in direct competition with Amazon and Google.


Windows will exist but in a different form

Windows is not a product that achieved high sales of Microsoft over the years. However, this is not the end of Windows. Office 365 and Outlook are successful and Microsoft experts believe that 2/3 of Office users will switch to Cloud plans in the near future.

Nadella said that the future of Windows is still positive if combined with Microsoft 365. Enterprise product packages will now include Office and Windows.

In the gaming area, Windows still has an opportunity. However, Microsoft has yet to invest in this segment enough to improve it. Gaming desktops usually run Windows because there is no other option.

Microsoft has moved the main team of Windows to Cloud. This represents a new step forward in developing Windows service provisioning on Cloud.

Bill Gates was successful with Windows, but it was not the technology that would take Microsoft far in the future.

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* Source: zing News


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