Microsoft designed a new model for mobile games?

Microsoft designed a new model for mobile games?

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Microsoft is currently developing a test version for the new model for mobile gaming experience, inspired by the Switch.

Recently, Microsoft There was their answer to the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform when Windows Central found the company had filed a new patent for the mobile game console.

Mobile game makers have always improved their gaming experience despite many limitations coming from the touch screen. Games like Arena of Valor (Vietnamese: Mobile Union) good Black Desert Online You must use a lot of operations to simulate the button like a handle, but it can't be equal.

Recently, Microsoft has developed a new handle project to cover this gap. This model is inspired by the Switch and the Joy-Cons pair, in the design image, shows that the two parts of the handle can be detached and attached to a mobile device or attached to a joint piece at the center.


In addition to the above points, this design includes two joysticks, eight buttons, two navigation pad … like a traditional Xbox One handle. This handle can also be charged by dock.

Although the designs are only in the theoretical stage and created with foam material, this shows Microsoft There is an intention of making this project a reality.

Known, this move of Microsoft is to directly hit Google Stadia, when the carrier also has a similar cloud gaming platform called Project Xcloud, which allows users to play content from the Xbox platform to other devices, including phones and phones. table.

At the E3 event, Project Xcloud was tested with the Xbox One handle and phone rack, but the new handle would be a more flexible option.

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