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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and “test” worth $ 7.5 billion

Microsoft’s not-so-good reputation with past open source developers and its failed acquisitions made the acquisition of GitHub a great deal of skepticism.

When referring to the $ 7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella “urgently” urged developers to “evaluate us with the actions we have taken over the years, our actions today and in the future.”

According to the Business Insider, from the perspective of Microsoft and Nadella, GitHub is the most appropriate name for their current strategy: The company has invested heavily in open source in the past 4 years, since the day Mr. Nadella took over as CEO. . In fact, Microsoft is the group with the most contributions to open source projects on GitHub, surpassing other rivals such as Google or Facebook. The company even uses GitHub internally to build some of its products.

While Nadella clearly agrees and is willing to prove it, not everyone in the industry supports the deal – many GitHub users have even abandoned the platform to switch to services. unlike GitLab or BitBucket before the deal is officially announced.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (middle), along with GitHub founders Chris Wanstrath (left) and Tom Preston-Werner (right).

When the deal was reported in the newspaper, many developers expressed concern for the fate of GitHub. They still cannot forget that Microsoft has spent decades trying to crush Linux and other open source technologies. Former company CEO and predecessor to Satya Nadella, Steve Ballmer even once described open source software as “cancer,” though his views were less aggressive later.

Microsoft under Nadella has put a lot of effort to improve its image, showing the world that it has become a more sociable, friendly company, ready to cooperate with companies that were even rivals. prime in the past. Now, with the fourth largest acquisition in Microsoft’s 43-year history, Nadella’s plan will be challenged: whether the GitHub community in particular and open source in general can trust Microsoft. ?

Indeed, some longtime coders like Jacques Mattheij are concerned that despite Nadella’s commitment to open source, Microsoft has not really changed its nature and will use GitHub as a tool to serve his other purposes.

“Maybe I am a fastidious old man, maybe the new boss is a better person, but Microsoft will remain Microsoft”, Mr. Mattheij writes on his blog.

Others have other concerns: Microsoft is not a well-known company for buying and selling. The deal with Nokia has failed miserably, and many believe the company has gone in the wrong direction with Skype. Now, developers fear that GitHub will suffer the same fate.

Microsoft has failed with Nokia and Skype, is GitHub the next name?

In addition, GitHub is home to the source code of millions of different software, from random projects made by an individual’s passion to Facebook’s development applications. Having a $ 781 billion company own all of that software would obviously be hard to please the community.

Developers protested

In order to express their views on the Microsoft deal, many developers have decided to move from GitHub to rival platforms. Both GitLab and BitBucket show figures that a large number of projects are migrating from GitHub to their platform just hours after the deal is announced.

According to the Business Insider, GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij said more than 100,000 projects have “jumped” from GitHub to their service since the site Bloomberg reporting on the deal on June 3. Upload statistics (uploads) have also increased 10 times compared to normal.

Sijbrandij said “for many people this is a wake-up call”. While both companies are built on open source technology Git – the reason the two companies’ names sound the same – GitLab offers users a free and open source version of their software, and GitHub do not. So Sijbrandij thinks that GitHub is quite “hypocritical”: they support open source, but don’t provide it.

However, GitLab is not without GitHub. While Sijbrandij believes his platform provides developers with a superior toolkit, he acknowledges that Microsoft has always been a strong competitor.

“Of course, we will not underestimate them”, Mr. Sijbrandij shared.

Microsoft’s deal with GitHub is worth $ 7.5 billion.

Good news for Mirosoft

when the Business Insider chatting with GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath – who will become Microsoft’s “Technical Fellow” in the future – he said successful deals like acquiring LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion or acquiring Mojang (the company that makes it). Minecraft) for $ 2.5 billion shows that Microsoft already knows the right way to go.

The good news for Microsoft is that many people in Silicon Valley share the same opinion as Wanstrath. This is also a sign that Microsoft’s efforts over the past 4 years have begun to bear fruit.

“Because this decision affects our ‘fishing rod’ – and that of Microsoft – as well as the future of the open source ecosystem, I believe that Microsoft will not fail, and that they will remain true. GitHub is as it was before “, Resi Respati, a developer shares on Practical Dev blog.

And for Microsoft, it seems that the company fully understands that there is much work to be done to win the hearts of the community. In fact, Microsoft now claims it is ready to commit never to force GitHub users to use Microsoft technology.

“Doubt is completely understandable, but we are on the right track“, Chris Wanstrath added.

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