Microsoft Build 2019 summary: Windows Terminal, Microsoft Edge ... anything else worth noting?
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Microsoft Build 2019 summary: Windows Terminal, Microsoft Edge … anything else worth noting?

The Build Developer Conference is an annual event of strategic importance for Microsoft of the year with plenty of information about the key products that the Redmond company plans to hit the market in the future. Microsoft Build this year took place in the last 2 days 6-8 May. And not out of the tradition of previous years, this year’s event is also full of interesting information about important Microsoft products. While there are quite a few new consumer-centric announcements, overall, there is still a lot of remarkable information about new products that represent Microsoft’s direction of future development. Here are all the important information that Microsoft mentioned at Build 2019, invite you to consult.

  • Video 5 minutes summary of content Satya Nadella announced in Microsoft Build 2019

Summary of Microsoft Build 2019

  • Microsoft Edge new version
  • Enterprise-class search engine Microsoft Search
  • Blockchain
  • Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Dynamics 365 platform
  • Microsoft 365 Toolkit
  • Windows Terminal
  • ElectionGuard
  • DOT NET 5
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2)

Microsoft Edge new version

Microsoft Edge was officially introduced in 2015 as an alternative platform for Internet Explorer, which is already outdated. At that time, Internet Explorer was mainly used in businesses because it involved too many other bundled platforms, and for individual users, this browser platform was like a “disaster. “. Internet Explorer has even been used as a proper noun in terms of sluggishness, backwardness, and poor performance. The decline of Internet Explorer is the beginning of the era of comprehensive dominance of Google Chrome in the web browser market, and Edge was created with the mission of stopping Chrome’s “expansion”.

Microsoft Edge new version

  • Google Drive is currently announcing no support for the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

Initially, Microsoft Edge ran on the EdgeHTML engine but still contained too many problems, making it unable to appeal to a large number of users. Realizing the situation, Microsoft decided to build a new version of Edge running on Google Chromium Engine. Although there have been a lot of information leaked before, even released a beta version on Github, but until this year’s event, Edge Chromium was officially launched by Microsoft as well as introduced. detail features and highlights for users. As we all know Chromium is an open source tool, it is not difficult for Microsoft engineers to collaborate with colleagues from Google to create Edgium – the foundation to build the Edge browser session. brand new version. Regarding the points of interest as well as how to use the features of Edge Chromium, there are many articles by about this, please feel free to read if interested.

Enterprise-class search engine Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search was introduced by the company a while ago as a “query center” for enterprise-level users, allowing them to search for information on the web and on their work domain only. through a single query. As expected, Microsoft Search will start to be used from May 28, 2019. It will act as a smart entity in the system of businesses, where users in the system only need to enter their query and the search service will automatically look up all the resources in the domain as well. find out relevant information. For example, if you want to search for information about an employee in your company, just do a single query, Microsoft Search will search for all visible information about that employee such as name. , contact details, office locations and many other relevant information.

  • Microsoft is re-launching the Power Toys project for Windows 10 users


Microsoft has officially entered the world of Blockchain

Yes, Microsoft has officially entered the world of Blockchain, and is stepping up cooperation with JP Morgan – one of the oldest financial services firms in the world. Together, these two giant corporations will focus on developing Quorum and the enterprise version of Ethereum in the future.

Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a service that Microsoft has worked tirelessly to improve the experience since it was launched, and their hard work has finally paid off. Microsoft recently announced that about 95% of companies on the list of the 500 largest US companies choose to use Microsoft Azure for various services in their organization. This was a great success, but at the same time it also created a lot of pressure for Microsoft not only in maintaining a good user experience, but also in its efforts to improve the service and offer effective features more aimed at attracting new users. At Build 2019, Microsoft has once again emphasized the responsible use of privacy and AI, and announced its plan of Artificial Intelligence 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence 2.0). With this, Microsoft is committed to building the right infrastructure and tools for developers so that they can create the AI ​​models in the most responsible way.

Azure Speech

  • Mix and match in multicloud – the future of cloud computing

In addition, Microsoft also did not forget to reveal details about the Azure Speech service, which brought businesses its improved speech recognition algorithms, now it can understand each substance. local voice, and also real-time voice-to-text conversion.

Dynamics 365 platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business intelligence software solutions that help businesses in every aspect of development, transformation, and transformation. Dynamics 365 is a platform that plays a key role in building new smart applications and assists in managing business-specific functions from the Sales, Customer Service, and Operations processes. Operations, Finance, Maintenance, Project Management, Marketing and Customer Knowledge.

Dynamics 365

At Build this year, Microsoft said it is continuing to push the development of a community of business app developers who will be able to get the most out of Dynamics 365 platforms and Power from Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 Toolkit

Microsoft 365

With the power of the Microsoft Graph and responsible AI standards, Microsoft is bringing more different intelligence features to its Microsoft 365 and Office 365 while maintaining core values ​​like security and privacy. At Build 2019, Microsoft announced a feature called Ideas for Microsoft Word. These are basically ideas that will help users design and present all kinds of enterprise-grade documents and can be used for Microsoft Search at the same time.

  • Microsoft 365 adds more control over encrypted emails, increasing privacy for users

Windows Terminal

Microsoft has released official information about the new console for Windows 10 in a more modern direction, called Windows Terminal, including tabbed support features, GPU acceleration, syntax highlighting ) and many other useful features, perhaps this is one of the most anticipated information at this year’s event.

Windows Terminal

Basically, the Windows Terminal is not designed to replace existing control panels such as Command Prompt or PowerShell, but is intended to provide users with a new, accessible console style option. More functionality through support for environments like PowerShell, cmd.exe and WSL.



Microsoft has been teasing in the past that it will provide free software that protects elections, voters, supervisors and government agencies to ensure transparency in the voting process, and they officially announced such a product at Build 2019. This electoral protection tool, called ElectionGuard, is built in a modular, open source and free use. Essentially, ElectionGuard helps provide encryption to protect electoral systems and gives each voter a unique monitoring program that helps them keep track of their vote to ensure that it counts and is not unauthorized change. With the launch of ElectionGuard, Microsoft is confident that complex voting processes will be made safer and more transparent, and users will also be responsible for checking their votes as a Effective personal monitoring measure. It is expected that this toolkit will be available next June on GitHub.

  • Visit Envisioning Center and discuss Microsoft’s vision for office utilities and Windows

.NET 5


Another important piece of information that Microsoft also announced at this year’s event is that .NET 5 will be the next major release in the .NET family. .NET 5 offers a more unified platform, so developers can target different platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, and more. another platform. In addition, .NET 5 will also be supported by Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac as well as Visual Studio Code.

For more information about .NET 5 and Visual Studio 2019, please refer to the following article: “Build 2019: Microsoft brought Visual Studio to the browser platform, launched .NET 5 and ML.NET 1.0”

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2)


  • Microsoft will release the “official” Linux kernel with Windows 10 WSL

Finally, Windows Subsystem for Linux has been upgraded by Microsoft to version 2, along with many notable new features such as the ability to improve the file system performance, compatible with all games. system call, as well as docker support. Specifically, the Linux kernel will be used as a WSL2 backbone. To make the administration of WSL2 even easier, Microsoft will also include the Linux kernel in Windows Update so that security updates and enhancements are automatically delivered to Windows 10 to users. For those wishing to contribute to the WSL2 kernel, Microsoft will also make it open source and will host it as a project on GitHub.

Above are all the important announcements of Microsoft at Build 2019. What are your thoughts on this year’s event? Please leave your comments in the comments section below. Hope the information in the post is useful to you!


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