Microsoft banned employees from using Slack, "discouraging" Amazon and Google Docs cloud services - VnReview

Microsoft banned employees from using Slack, "discouraging" Amazon and Google Docs cloud services – VnReview

The cause of this move from Microsoft may be due to security concerns, and even competition.

What did Microsoft do to outpace Apple, becoming the world's most valuable company?

Microsoft has issued a ban on the use of chat software and supports the free version of Slack for all of its more than 100,000 employees. Special page GeekWire reported that recently, Microsoft has issued a list of applications and services that employees are prohibited from using internally within the company, and accordingly, Amazon's cloud service and the software suite. Google Docs rooms are included in the "discouraged" list used within the Redmond software giant. The ban on Slack is not solely because Microsoft also has a competing product with similar features Microsoft Teams. Microsoft is said to have certain concerns about the security aspects of Slack Free and Slack Plus services (paid versions). Internal sources Microsoft describes the current situation as follows:

"Slack Free, Slack Standard and Slack Plus versions do not provide the necessary control tools to protect Microsoft Intellectual Property (IP) appropriately. Those who are using software solutions of The company should move chat history and data, files related to Microsoft business operations to Microsoft Teams, which provide all of the same tools and integrate the entire Office 365 software, call features and online meetings Learn more about the additional features that Teams provides for your team, Slack Enterprise Grid version for businesses that meet Microsoft security requirements, however, we encourage you to use Microsoft Teams instead of software c a rival company. "

Microsoft Teams software.

This means that Microsoft employees can still use the Slack Enterprise Grid, but in terms of cost, it is likely that most of the working teams at Microsoft will switch to using Microsoft Teams software. The use of the Amazon cloud service and the Google Docs office suite is expected to "require explanation" if internal employees are willing. Even Microsoft's own GitHub service is not recommended for "top-secret information, specifications or source code."

Microsoft has also banned the use of Grammarly (a spelling and grammar checking application that tracks all user keystrokes) within the company. "Grammarly Office extensions (add-ins) and extensions (extensions) are not allowed to be used on Microsoft intranet because they can access protected content using Information Rights technology Management (IRM) is important to email and documents,"According to the new list, it was revealed.

The list of banned services and software at Microsoft is quite reasonable considering security issues, but its employees still need to use rival services to supplement and improve products. of the company, as well as capturing the market. This is the key reason employees will use it to explain the use of services such as AWS or Google Docs.

Recently, Microsoft has been competing fiercely with rival Slack, but Slack has recently announced the integration of Office 365 applications into its platform to bridge the gap. Earlier this year, Microsoft also announced a free version of Teams to compete with Slack, just weeks after the company revealed new online conferencing features for its platform.

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