Microsoft and Intel announced that they would continue to support Huawei's existing devices - Photo 1.

Microsoft and Intel announced they would continue to support Huawei's existing devices

The fact that the US government put Huawei on the blacklist has made some unpublished devices of Chinese manufacturers threatened. Including a laptop running Huawei's Windows 10 operating system had to postpone the launch date.

In addition to Huawei's devices disappearing from Microsoft's online store, many people worry that the software giant will no longer provide Windows operating systems for Huawei.

However, today Microsoft officially confirmed via PCWord, said Huawei laptops will still receive Windows software support, despite the ban from the US government.

Microsoft representative said: "We are still committed to providing the best experience for Windows 10 users. Our initial assessment of the US Department of Commerce and Huawei's decision, shows that we can continue to provide updates. Windows 10 software update for customers using Huawei devices ”.

A similar statement was made by Intel, claiming it will continue to support Huawei laptops using Intel processors. However, this commitment is only for existing Huawei devices.

So it is likely that Huawei's upcoming devices will not be supported. But we still need to wait and see if the situation changes better.

Reference: neowin

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