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Microsoft acknowledges that Surface Book 2 is experiencing serious errors

According to the latest Microsoft announcement, the new Windows update is the reason why Surface Book 2 has problems.

Shortly after receiving user feedback, Microsoft confirmed that it will block the May 10 update of Windows for some of NVIDIA's Surface Book 2 models due to problems.

According to forbes, some applications and games were suddenly stopped and unresponsive on the Surface Book 2 due to incompatibility with graphics cards and discrete GPUs from the device manager. Details of this case have been announced by Microsoft on its support page:

“Microsoft has identified a compatibility issue on some Surface Book 2 devices using NVIDIA discrete graphics. After updating to Windows 10 version 1903, some applications and games were suddenly closed or stopped.

To ensure your experience, we will stop updating version 1903 on affected Surface Book 2 devices until the problem is resolved. "

For those who installed the 1903 update, Microsoft recommends restarting the entire device or scanning hardware changes in Devices Manager to minimize the possibility of a problem.

Having to suspend deployment on one of the Surface machines can make Microsoft feel confused, because the Surface computer line is one of the device portfolio with access to the best updates.

Windows 10 must respond to a very large number of hardware, so there is a problem, but the important thing is how they are handled to fix the problems. These specific issues with Surface Book 2 will be monitored very carefully by Microsoft.

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