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Microsoft accounts may be locked if users do not use it for 2 years

If you haven't logged in to your Microsoft account for a long time and don't want it locked, now might be a good time to do so.

According to Neowin, Microsoft has published a new document that sets out its account activity policy, and it seems that users will need to log in to their account at least every two years to avoid being deleted. This change will take effect from August 30, 2019.

Microsoft's current service agreement was announced in March 2018, giving users a five-year period to maintain account activity. However, specific services like Outlook.com and OneDrive, have a separate period of inactivity for a year, separately charged with other Microsoft services.

With this change, it will be much easier for Microsoft to close existing inactive accounts, but there are some exceptions to protect users. If you have made any purchase on your Microsoft account, excluding an expired gift card or subscription, their account will not be locked due to inactivity. If you have an active subscription, an unused balance, or if you have published the application to Microsoft Store, you will also be safe.

Of course, two years is still a long time to log into the account at least once, and it is likely that users are not too interested in using it without logging in for so long. However, if you are remembering your login account 5 years ago, this is when people need to log in to your account before the new policy goes into effect.

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