In response to Michelin’s new tire Power Cup 2, in order to actually measure the performance and wear on the track, the webmaster launched a long track test tire to share with everyone.

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  • RES shock absorber technology adjustment
  • Qstarz Racing Data Analysis Instrument

Thanks to Michelin Mushroom Track Day for your assistance and arrangements.

Thanks to Weihong Automobile Industry for providing and preparing the test vehicle R6, and for providing professional adjustment advice and assistance.

Thanks to the technical adjustment of RES suspension equipment, the suspension adjustment is assisted by professional data.

Power Cup 2 fetal test experience

The Libao Grand Circuit was used to conduct tire tests for 12 sessions in three sessions.

Power Cup 2 is a racing tire that can be legally used on the road as a development target. The tire quality is the same as Power Slick 2, and it uses track technology derived from MotoGP and a new tire wall design. Only the tire pattern meets the road requirements , To meet the knights who mainly use the track and use short-distance roads. The front wheels are only 120 / 70-17 in size, and the rear wheels are available in 180, 190, 200 / 55-17 sizes. This time, the R6 is used as a tire test vehicle, and the size of the front 120 and the rear 180 is used.

The tire quality and formula are the same as the bald tire Power Slick 2. It has a tread pattern that can be legally on the road, and it is suitable for both track and road.

With a new set of Power Cup 2, after three sessions, the ride is all four quarters of the day. Each quarter basically has more than ten laps. The wear of the front wheels can be seen with the naked eye, whether it is the middle of the tread or the shoulders, the flesh There are still a lot of them, and they are far away from the safety indicator line. Set according to the cold / hot tire pressure values ​​recommended by Michelin. The tread condition is quite perfect. There is no abnormal wear and tire debris. There is only a large inclination. Under normal circumstances, the accumulation of tire scraps, the overall grip and wear performance on the front wheels are very good, and they should be able to use three to four more times.

The front wheels are extremely durable and the overall tread is evenly worn.

Bilateral shoulder and fetal meat are also quite sufficient.

The tread pattern is still very deep, and it is estimated that three to four games can be used.

The rear wheel has undergone a full-power test of 12 saves and 120 laps. The overall tire condition has reached the standard for class. Because the number of right bends on the Libao track is more than the left bend, the wear on the right shoulder is significantly more than the left. The meat compound design is quite complete, but the indicator line on the right is almost flat. Even after the last four quarters, I noticed that the wear has been exhausted. Although the last section of the test can feel a little slip, but it is still within the controllable range, it maintains a considerable level of grip performance, and the number of seconds can be maintained. The results around 1: 49.6 should be able to continue to 1 minute and 47 seconds in the near future. In addition, because the tire has anti-chamfer design on the side of the tire, it also has sufficient support under the limit of large inclination to ensure safe cornering.

The number of Libao tracks on the right is more than that on the left, and the wear is also real.

Using Qstarz racing data analysis equipment, track time and track records, the best score of the day was 1: 49.525.

The left side of the fetal meat is quite full, and the right side has more right bends so that the wear has reached the indicator line.

Under the monitoring of tire pressure and RES suspension data, the overall wear is quite excellent.

It is normal for the accumulation of tire dust to appear on the edge of the tire.

Test boost

In this test, in order to achieve the perfect adjustment of the suspension response in order to exert the full performance of the tire, it is specially equipped with RES suspension equipment technology adjustment, through accurate data quantity control, to show the actual response of the suspension on the track, and Through the combination of the route and the curve diagram, the suspension data can be effectively interpreted, and then the technician can make further adjustments. Weihong Automobile not only provides R6 as a test vehicle, but also assists in prior preparation, and monitors the suspension data recorded by RES at any time, and assists in the professional adjustment of tire pressure and suspension, so that R6 can be in the best state. To complete this Michelin Power Cup 2 test.

Weihong vehicle technicians assisted in monitoring the technological adjustment of RES suspension equipment.

Through the data presentation, further adjust the suspension settings.

Weihong car technicians always pay attention to tire pressure.

And use a warm tire bag to maintain the working temperature of the tire.

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