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Miband 4: Instructions on how to mod wallpaper directly on iPhone is easy

Through the tutorial of using miband 4 mod wallpaper on android phone, today I continue to have a tutorial for iOS users so that we can balance the fun more. But many brothers say why there is no Android for iOS, it is fun. But for how to do on iOS is somewhat gentle and much simpler on android, we don't have to download the app or anything Just go to the web address and do it just like a snap.

Step 1: The Amaztools app must be preinstalled on the iPhone phone first, the image to be applied to the brother mod will be available in your library.
Step 2: Open your iPhone and go to this web address: http://watchface.pingx.tech/h5/#/, note that there must be stable network and wifi, avoid downloading errors.
Step 3: When you have finished entering the web on the right corner of the screen, there is a word for the word, then you choose to choose English language to make it easier for everyone.

IMG_5972.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

IMG_5973.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

Step 4: You choose to open the image folder in the iPhone to start the mod process

IMG_5974.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

IMG_5975.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

Step 5: Go to the gallery and select the image you want to mod

IMG_5976.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

IMG_5977.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

Step 6: When you select the picture, you touch to adjust the image to fit properly. According to the frame rate, then click select to select the font number accordingly. Once selected, press Submit to be.

IMG_5978.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

IMG_5980.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

Step 7: You wait for the file to be processed, you will see the download file with the extension .Bin, continue to click open in Amaztools and press Intall so that the app sends the image via miband 4!

IMG_5981.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

IMG_5982.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

Loading miband4zz.jpg ...

Image when finished mod

In a somewhat lengthy tutorial, but actually doing it only takes 5 minutes to complete this way on iOS easier than Android. So anyone who uses an iPhone doesn't know anything. Wish brothers mod wallpaper on miband 4 successfully and have many beautiful wallpapers! There is no question that you keep committing to this post so I can guide you more.


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