Metrorrhagia: bleeding between periods

Metrorrhagia: bleeding between periods

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THE metrorrhagia it is a more or less severe loss of blood and of uterine origin, which arises outside the periods of menstruation of the woman.

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Symptoms of metrorrhagia

The drained blood can present several aspects: red color, darker tones, the presence or absence of clots, among other characteristics, which can extend for more days. If not treated in time, the condition can lead to cases of anemia.

Causes of metrorrhagia

Many metrorrhages are linked to causes without gravity, such as hormonal imbalances, fibroids, uterine polyps, coagulation problems or endometrial abnormalities. However, some malignant tumors they can also be the cause of these bleeds, requiring consultation with the gynecologist when they occur.

Metrorrhagia that occurs before puberty or after menopause should not be considered normal. This is because the condition that appears at puberty is usually associated with heavy menstruation, which affects 2% to 5% of adolescents in the first two years after menarche.

Pregnancy and metrorrhagia

Metrorrhagia is common in the first quarter pregnancy and affects one in four women at the beginning of pregnancy. In any case, a consultation with a specialist is essential, since bleeding can also be an indication of some complication of pregnancy such as the development of the fetus outside the uterus, premature displacement of the placenta, extrauterine pregnancy, abortion or beginning of labor.


Always consult the doctor in case of bleeding outside the menstrual period.

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