Metroidvania with a discreet, but intriguing release

Perhaps the relative lull that reigns in video game releases during this period will allow Gleamlight to take a little light? Gleamlight, it’s a metroidvania action-platformer whose originality is to be drawn while stained glass.

If it will make a priori think of Ubisoft’s Child of Light, its graphic style nevertheless immediately gives it a real identity. And this graphic identity will not be the only originality of the title, since Gleamlight will take place without any line of dialogue, and devoid of any text – “A story without words”, describes the developer.

Player progress will then be the only form of storytelling offered by the game. With this in mind, Gleamlight is also played without any interface of any kind : no score, no health bar or mini map. The declared objective of this approach is to offer a particularly immersive experience.

We hope that the level design will be sufficiently organic to allow us to evolve instinctively. The same goes for the gameplay: like any good metroidvania, it will be a question of obtaining for our little hero new capacities which open up more and more routes for him. The game seems to have been designed so that these powers can be used immediately by the player without the latter needing to be guided …

Finally, we must write a note for the hero (the heroine?) Of the adventure, which will inevitably make us think of Orko, the magician and mascot of the Masters of the Universe, who in his time inspired Vivi, of Final Fantasy IX. Developed by DICO and published by D3 Publisher (Earth Defense Force, OneChambara, Omega Labyrinth…), Gleamlight will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam on August 20th.

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