Messi pays unbelievable taxes, equivalent to more than 120,000 people

According to a recent disclosure, Messi is believed to be the most taxpayer in Spain in the past four years.

Not long ago, the publication El Mundo revealed Lionel Messi’s record contract signed with Barcelona in 2017. Accordingly, the Argentine superstar is said to have pocketed € 297 million from this contract and will Enjoy wages up to 138 million euros per season.

However, Messi’s huge revenue also comes with an “unbelievable” tax rate and according to a recent report by El Periodico, the Argentinian striker is one of the biggest taxpayers in Spain.

Messi has the highest tax rate in Spain in the past 4 years (Image: Internet)

Specifically, according to the source, the star on Barcelona’s payroll will have to pay up to 370 million euros (£ 324 million / $ 448 million) in taxes. The total tax amount that Messi must pay will include: income tax, property tax, tax on net assets (without debt), tax on image copyrights and advertising contracts. For example, with an income of 138 million euros per season, Messi will have to pay 69-72 million euros of income tax.

In addition, El Periodico also said that with the huge amount in the record contract in 2017 with Barcelona, ​​Messi’s accumulated quota in personal income tax would be equivalent to more than 120,000 income tax payers. individuals in Spain.

According to some experts, Messi also paid even more taxes than the CEOs or heads of companies in Spain.

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