Messi was in court for not paying taxes in Spain.  Photo: EFE

Messi pays the most taxes in Spain

The El Periodico newspaper revealed that Lionel Messi has paid at least $ 449 million in taxes to Spain, since 2017.

The bulk of this is personal income tax, about $ 334 million. In addition, Messi also has to pay property tax, net property tax, image copyright tax and corporate taxes.

Messi was in court for not paying taxes in Spain. Image: EFE

Messi’s taxable personal income amounts to $ 168 million per year. He only actually earned $ 87 million. This year, he pocketed $ 84 million, due to the personal income tax in Spain has increased.

Of the more than 11,000 people earning $ 728,000 or more a year in Spain, no one has to pay taxes as much as Messi. All Spanish billionaires pay a large amount of income tax on businesses – which is much less than personal income taxes.

Messi’s image copyright tax does not exceed 15% of the amount he receives. Since 2017, he has paid $ 101 million in this tax.

Messi and his father were each sentenced to 21 months in prison for image copyright evasion, but the court was later reduced to a fine in July 2016. The amount of the father and son Messi must pay a fine of up to 3.8 million USD.

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