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Messi is no longer the king of La Liga

Lionel Messi finished La Liga 2019/20 season with the title of Pichichi after scoring up to 25 goals. El Pulga also broke the tectonic record that the legendary Xavi holds when cleaning the deck 21 times in just one season.

Looking at these impressive parameters, most of the king of NHM sport think that the captain of Barcelona continues to be the king of La Liga, but the truth is not entirely so.

First of all, no king has no throne. Therefore, with Barcelona being beaten by Real Madrid, it is impossible to consider the Argentine superstar as the king of the highest league in the bullfighting country. Instead, the name to rise to become No. 1 of La Liga is Karim Benzema – the number 1 striker of Real Madrid.

Messi is no longer La Liga No. 1. Photo: Getty

The French striker ranked second in the Pichichi rankings with 21 goals, four fewer than Messi. But remember, out of 25 goals of M10, up to 5 goals from the penalty spot. Benzema, meanwhile, has only one shot from the 11m mark.

If assigned to penalty from the beginning of the season instead of captain Sergio Ramos (6 times), No. 9 of Real is the winner of the Pichichi title, not Messi.

It should also be reiterated that Messi is the number one priority player in Barca when the center of every way to the ball, given the best free kick opportunities. Meanwhile, the Real striker often plays backward, creating space for teammates and promoting collective interests rather than his own achievements.

messi benzema

Messi is given more chances to penalty. Photo: Getty

“It is said that Messi has helped Barcelona dominate La Liga for the past decade. Yes, Messi is still Blaugrana’s No. 1 star. But there is another player who has helped his team to the championship. That is Benzema, who played better than Argentina superstar “, Marca’s pen Pablo Polo commented.



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