Merge 2 photos together in Photoshop CS6

Merge 2 photos together in Photoshop CS6

When downloading Photoshop CS6 allows users to edit photos professionally, so you can stitch many favorite photos together to form a single, extremely unique and eye-catching photo.

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Photoshop CS6 is a photo editing software that is too familiar to today’s users, as well as gaining a high rating of graphics experts and chosen by the user, with Photoshop CS6, from editing. , creating new images is easy.

You can easily combine 2 photos in Photoshop CS6 with only basic steps, stitching 2 or more overlapping photos is not as difficult as many of you think. Along follow ElectrodealPro offline

How to combine photos in Photoshop CS 6

Step 1: Launch Photoshop CS6

collage photos in photoshop cs 6

Step 2: Here we press select from the Menu bar File and select Open to open the picture to perform collage. Or you can press a combination of keys Ctrl + O

Photo collage in photoshop cs 6

Here, Taimienphi selects 2 pictures to perform grafting

manual photo collage in photoshop cs 6

collage collage in photoshop cs 6

Step 3: After opening 2 pictures to stitch, we left click on a certain image card and drag and drop outside as shown below.

Photo collage in photoshop cs 6

Step 4: Selection Move tool (shortcut V) in the left toolbar and drag the image of the image you want to merge into the other image

photo collage in photoshop cs 6

You can also move the image to the desired position in the other image

Step 5: Choose a tool Eraser Tools(shortcut E) to delete unnecessary parts of the picture

collage photos with photoshop cs 6

And here are the results after erasing all the excess parts in the image

Photo collage with photoshop cs 6
So we have finished stitching photos in Photoshop CS6 through the operations above. If Photoshop has not satisfied you when using it or the operation is difficult to use, you can choose other photo editing software.


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