Electricity has become an irreversible trend in today’s automotive industry. Last year, MERCEDES-BENZ successively launched a variety of plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the brand’s first pure electric model EQC was also on the market. As the time sequence enters 2021, Mercedes recently launched its first pure electric work EQA under the brand new sub-brand name MERCEDES-EQ. Not only is the overall car format similar to GLA, but even the price is relatively affordable!

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: Endurance of 486 kilometers, GLA pure electric version! Mercedes-EQ’s new EQA officially unveiled
Written by: Zhan Zhiren Jason

At present, EQA officially announced only a single power specification EQA 250. The local price in Germany starts at 47,540 euros, which is equivalent to about 1.62 million Taiwan dollars. It is equipped with a 66.5kWh battery pack and an electric motor that can output 140kW equivalent to about 188hp. It takes about 8.9 seconds to accelerate from a kilometer to a kilometer. The original factory stated that the maximum cruising range can reach 486 kilometers under NEDC conditions. We believe that by then, it will still have a cruising range of nearly 400 kilometers after the road. From the perspective of brand entry positioning, it can cope with daily commuting. It is quite enough.

The official press release also stated that in the future, mid-to-high-end cars with a power of more than 200kW, equivalent to more than 268hp, will be launched, and front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive for consumers to choose from, and a cruising range of more than 500 The kilometer version, but interestingly, MERCEDES-EQ believes that to increase the cruising range is not just to increase the battery, but to make all parts of the car operate in a more efficient state, so what parts will be included in the subsequent long-range models Re-optimization may be the focus of everyone’s attention.

In fact, the official EQA only mentions the use of GLA as the basis, but we compared the two wheelbase settings are exactly the same. It is speculated that EQA is directly modified from the GLA chassis, but there are still some adjustments in comparison with the GLA model. In addition to inheriting and owning the EQA In addition to the similar style of the big brother EQC, the main purpose is to make the EQA have a better drag coefficient performance, which will naturally help the cruising range, such as the front air intake that can be completely closed and the optimized front and rear bumpers, side skirts, Wheels, even a flattened chassis, etc., but considering that no dedicated electric vehicle platform is used, EQA basically adds all the batteries under the car like EQC. Although it brings a stable and low body center of gravity feedback, it is relatively Affecting the ground clearance, we still look forward to the early launch of Mercedes-Benz models that use the exclusive electric vehicle platform, so that we can truly experience the interpretation of Mercedes-Benz pure electric vehicles.

EQA will be produced in the German and Chinese markets, and will be officially launched in Europe this spring. With the current Mercedes-Benz EQC models in Taiwan taking the lead, we think there is a high chance of introducing them into the country. In addition, there will be more More and more manufacturers are deploying public charging equipment, which is bound to greatly reduce the mileage anxiety of car owners. If the price is positioned at that time, with the brand halo blessing of the three-pointed star itself, there may be a chance to compete with TESLA. We will continue to follow up and report relevant news.