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MERCEDES-BENZ S-Class “High Party Number” AIMGAIN luxury car modification, a must for successful “social people”!

MERCEDES-BENZ, with the “Three Mang Stars” as its logo, is synonymous with the best premium brand in the current car industry, but its models can best demonstrate this feature. There is no better than the largest size, the sixth generation of Sedan. S Class! Code-named W222, even though it is the best car used by many people in society to symbolize personal success, it has to be modified to a considerable degree, especially the appearance that can be easily touched by the eye, to have the effect of greatly setting off the owner’s personal characteristics! Aimgain, a Japanese luxury car modification brand, has also launched the “JUN VIP” kit dedicated to W222 and flaunts the pure and authentic luxury style. The installation effect can be said to be extremely domineering, and it also makes successful people jump into the society even more harmless…

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: A must for successful “social people”! Mercedes S Class “High Party Number” AIMGAIN Luxury Car
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco

The S-Class, which is positioned as the full-size Luxury Sedan, interprets the multiple definitions of high-end, grandeur, luxury and exquisiteness. Regardless of the tangible body size and interior equipment, it is invisible, spectacular, domineering, and sensory. The current sixth-generation W222 car model can be said to integrate the design of the previous five generations. The luxury car’s character has been upgraded to the realm of worship, and it has become the best ride for the fans of the victory group of life to set off their success. Even the lowest-end S320 has such an effect, not to mention the top-positioning S65 AMG! Even though the original MERCEDES-BENZ factory launched a more interior and more luxurious MAYBACH style, but the upgrade method of focusing on the inside but not on the outside, it can be said that it can’t match the appetite of fortunately car owners. The aero kits with external effects. Although Japanese brands are not the mainstream of European car modification, Aimgain also launched W222 exclusive kit in order to show its noble style and ultimate luxury design skills. This is also the first time that it has involved MERCEDES-BENZ. The representative seat of the car model! Based on the Japanese VIIP, which is obviously separated from the European refitting factory and exhibits its own unique style, Aimgain not only sets the height of the car to the customary low-profile state of the Japanese VIP Style, but also uses the enlarged deep-concave wheels of Inch up. The design also adopts the bumper replacement method that is rare in European modified brands! Even if the water tank cover remains the original factory, the size of the air dam and diffuser located in the front and rear bumpers are significantly increased, and the inside of the air dam is equipped with a metal mesh, and the lower diffuser is also equipped with the vertical fins common to performance sports cars, resulting in the overall The style is in the mature and stable, high-sensitivity atmosphere, and the appearance of the S-Class is added to the rare dynamic running style and performance murderousness. The upgrade effect is completely self-contained. The style can be described as a pure Japanese “Ani “Ji” style, car owners who are unwilling to be ordinary or have passion in their bodies will definitely have their eyes bright!


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